Villa Del Conte

Monday, August 13, 2012
Nope. It's not a resort. It's... Chocolates! ^_^

Oh, but not just any chocolate. It's artisanal chocolate. The good stuff. *wink* I first read about it on Our Awesome Planet a few weeks back. So, being the chocolate lover that I am, I swore to get my hands on some Villa Del Conte chocolate soon.

Fast forward to this weekend. The Memet and I were able to make a quick escape to Shangri-La mall for Nuffnang & Mandaue Foam's sponsored screening of The Bourne Legacy (BTW, thanks a bunch Nuffnang & Mandaue Foam!). After the screening, we had dinner at Pepper Lunch where we of course stuffed ourselves silly, so we had to walk around to let the food settle better.

Still reeling from the heavy dinner, I somehow managed to be excited when I saw a Villa Del Conte stall somewhere on the 3rd floor of Shangri-La mall. I mean, who doesn't love chocolate, right?

With The Memet giving me the beady eye, I was only able to buy a sampler (10pcs of their yummiest chocolates) - P480. I wanted to buy a jar of their Ovicini too (sugar coated dark chocolate eggs with hazelnut cream filling), but I realized I'd be pushing my luck. The Memet was already indulgent enough to let me buy the sampler. Haha!

So here. I had it with me for a full weekend, but we were too busy to actually dive in. I strictly told The Memet not to touch it coz I wanted to take photos for my blog. He was obedient enough to do as I asked. Either that or he completely forgot that it was even in our bedroom. Haha!

Anyway, here are the photos that I was able to take before my cam's battery got totally drained.

Here it is!!!

Top View :)

Tidily wrapped inside the box.

Look at that! So tempting!

Here we go...!

If you notice, the last shot was of a piece of chocolate still in it's wrapper. I wasn't able to take a photo of it with the wrapper open coz my camera already died. And being the glutton that I am, I already ate the chocolate before I could even charge my cam's battery. :p

Here's what I can tell you though. The chocolate's crazy good and the center's soft and gooey. It'll make any chocolate lover go cross-eyed with pleasure. Haha! It can be really sweet though, but for someone like me who's got a heck of a sweet tooth, it's nothing that a glass of water can't remedy.

Interested in Villa Del Conte? They have a website you can visit: :)


  1. I really thought it was a resort when I saw your update on my sidebar. LOL.

  2. It's a pretty deceptive brand name for chocolates. LOL!


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