My Nuat Thai Experience

Saturday, September 22, 2012
Okay. This is going to be a quick post. Haha!

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Have you seen one of those Nuat Thai massage parlors? There's lots of them scattered around, so you've probably seen one at one point or another.

Anyway, so last night, The Memet wanted a massage and I wanted something form Mocha Blends. Since there was a Nuat Thai massage parlor a few steps away from the Mocha Blends branch that we frequent, we went ahead and tried it out.

It was pretty dark inside the parlor and they had some soothing music on. The whole set-up was meant to exude a relaxing atmosphere. Problem was, they're situated right next to Ortigas Ave. Extn., so the vehicular noise right outside could be heard even inside their massage rooms. It was pretty distracting. I think they need to think about soundproofing the place.

I'm pretty torn about the entire experience, so I'll just give you a quick list of the Good and the Bad. Hehe!

The Good:
1. Very attentive and friendly staff
2. Free green tea!
3. My body felt loose and limber at the end of the 1-hour massage session
4. I felt pretty energized afterwards

The Bad:
1. Vehicular noise could be heard from outside
2. Some clients didn't much care for other people who wanted to relax. I don't understand why people would want to talk loudly in a massage parlor/spa. Not Nuat Thai's fault, but still. It would be nice if they could at least shush the noisy clients. Hehe!
3. If you're ticklish (like me), Nuat Thai's massage style isn't for you. There's a whole lot of poking. Haha! They apply pressure using the tips of their fingers, and that's terrible for someone like me. I wanted to scream when my masseuse was working on my thighs and my lower back. I spent a great deal of my energy willing myself not to scream and laugh. LOL!

So there. If you're not ticklish like me, Nuat Thai could still be very well worth your money. Hehe!

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