My First Attempt at a Top Bun

Tuesday, November 27, 2012
I don't know much about styling my hair. I've always been a wash and wear kinda gal. Literally. It's one of the reasons I decided to get my hair digi-permed. That way, it has a semblance of style to it, even if I don't do anything. Haha!

Just recently, I decided to buy a device/contraption/donut thingy. It's supposed to help making a top bun easy as pie. Came with instructions too.

See? The instructions only had 4 steps in it. Only problem was... I couldn't get past Step 2. Hahahaha! Good thing there's Youtube. My sister in law sent me the link to this video here:

I tried it out (numerous times), and this is what I got:

A bit messy, but pretty cool, eh? I just stuck a flower in there to make it look nicer. Haha! I didn't have any goop / hair products like in the video, so I don't think it'll hold for long. I'm just here at home anyway, so that's fine for the mean time.

For a girl who's not into prettifying her hair, the whole thing was kinda tiring... Frustrating even. But it was also fun. I think I'm going to keep practicing until I get it right. Hehe!

For those of you who're interested, I got my "Chic Donut Bun" for only P65 from Cloud's the Limit. The seller, Haze Tempongco, is really nice. Please visit her FB page. You'll find lots of nice knick knacks in there. :)


  1. cute! You can actually use an old sock to create a perfect bun ^-^ love your (new, I think?) layout by the way:)

  2. @Storybookmom - Thanks sis! How can I use a sock to create a bun? Can you teach me how? Hehe! :)

    Oh, and yes, my blog got a makeover courtesy of :D

  3. loving the bun on you!!

    followed you :D

  4. @Olivia - Thank you, Olivia! Followed you right back. :)


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