Review: Snoe Beauty Body Ritual Recipes

Wednesday, November 07, 2012
Since I've been diagnosed with skin asthma, it's become pretty difficult for me to find products that're compatible with my skin. Sure, I've a couple of trusty skin products that don't trigger my itchies, but they're mostly unscented. And being me, I get tired of unscented products too quickly. :(

So, even knowing my skin condition, I tried out Snoe Beauty's Whipped Body Frosting (Lotion) and Honey Bath Syrup (Liquid Soap) in Vanilla Bean and Butterscotch scent.

The Scent. I'm crazy about anything vanilla. However, I'm not too fond of Snoe Beauty's Vanilla Bean and Butterscotch scent. It smells more like butterscotch than vanilla. The heady kind of butterscotch. The kind that makes people with allergic rhinitis (like me) sneeze. I, however, found that if I use just one product at a time, the scent becomes tolerable.

The Product in General. My skin didn't react well to both the Honey Bath Syrup and the Whipped Body Frosting. It wasn't so bad the first two times, but by the third time that I used them, my skin started to itch. It wasn't an instantaneous reaction, but, well, it's still a reaction. Not a good one.

My Conclusion. If you have a yen for layering slightly overpowering scents and your skin isn't sensitive like mine, Snoe Beauty's Whipped Body Frosting and Honey Bath Syrup are for you. I, however, will not be buying these two products anymore. I like my skin smooth and itch-free, thank you very much. =P

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