Villa Ibarra, Tagaytay

Wednesday, November 07, 2012
A couple of weeks ago, my cousin's family and I went to Tagaytay to celebrate my cousin's birthday. We didn't have much of a plan except to try out the Zipline at Picnic Grove and to visit Taal Crater. We agreed that we'll stay overnight in Tagaytay, but we didn't book our accommodations in advance. Not usually my style, but hey, I can be spontaneous too. Haha!

So after having lunch at Gerry's Grill (Yes, we ate at Gerry's Grill which is abundant in Manila, but my cousin who just flew back to the Philippines for her birthday missed it so much, so who am I to complain?), we drove around looking for a place to stay for the night.

After about 30 mins of aimless driving, we chanced upon Villa Ibarra and were like, hey, let's go check it out! And so we did.

To cut the story short, we fell in love with Villa Ibarra and booked a room. Hehe. Here's a shot of their spacious lobby. It's filled with lots of natural light which just adds to the romance of the place.

If the view from the lobby's grand, the view from the second floor's even better. It's breathtaking. :)

On the second floor, you'll find a small living area. It has plush couches that're perfect for lounging with your friends. There's wifi connection throughout the villa, so you can also sit here to work or to just simply chill out.

Here's the door to the room that we booked. Pretty cool woodwork all over the place, huh.

Now into the room we go. We all just wanted to lie down and relax a bit, so pardon the lack of photos. Haha! The room is exactly how it looks like in this picture from Villa Ibarra's website.

The room's name is Amazing, and I guess it's a more than apt description. Haha!

Photo grabbed from Villa Ibarra's website.

Here's a view from our room's veranda:

Oh, and the bathroom's just absolutely romantic. I loved the tub and the wall sconces! It was also very, very roomy. =D

The day we went there, we were practically the only ones in the place. There were a couple other rooms that were booked, but it still felt like we had the place all to ourselves. My cousin and I went loitering around that night in our pajamas and we felt absolutely at home. Haha!

See? The lobby's practically deserted.

Food. We didn't get to have lunch or dinner in Villa Ibarra, but our room did come with free breakfast for everyone, so we at least got to try that out.

Their dining area's just as cozy and romantic as the rest of the place. :)

The food was pretty good and the serving was quite generous. Not bad for free breakfast! I had an experience in another inn in Tagaytay a couple of years back where they served us a couple of rock-hard toasted bread, a couple of slices of cucumber, and some butter for breakfast. I'll see if I can find some photos of that place in my albums here and post a separate blog entry.

Anyway, back to Villa Ibarra's food. There were 5 of us, but I'll just share the photos of the ones that my cousin and I ordered, since we were sitting next to each other. Hehe!

Good ol' pancakes for me. :)

American brekky for my cousin. :)
So there you go. We're all very happy with the place and the service! The people there were all nice and discreet. I can't wait to go back there with The Memet. I hope we can go back there this December. The weather will be even nippier then. Perfect for cuddling! Haha!

Here's all the information you'll need about Villa Ibarra. Do pay them a visit when you go to Tagaytay. You won't regret it. :)


  1. Definitely trying Villa Ibarra the next time we go to Tagaytay... Thanks for sharing this sis!

  2. You're welcome sis! You and your hubby should definitely go there. It's a very romantic place. :)

  3. Thanks for sharing! This would be a good option for a weekend getaway. :)


  4. Oh my! This is beautiful. I know where to take my husband when we visit Tagaytay (planning to go there next year)

  5. deyna girl! i love what you have done to your blog! it's so pink! hehehehe! good job.

    now i'm inspired to put more effort in fixing mine. the only thing i've learned to do is watermark my pictures. :o)

  6. @Abi (BelatedBloomer) - You're welcome sis! Yes, the place is a perfect venue for relaxing over the weekend. :)

    @Liz (Pretty/Ugly) - Yippee! Have fun when you guys come here next year. It's a pretty romantic place. Perfect for couples! :)

    @Mama Jen (I am a super Mom) - Thanks, Mama Jen! I tried fixing it up myself, but I didn't really get anywhere. Haha! I had Pat of Fancy Girl Designs ( do it for me. Hihi! :D

  7. Wow! This is nice! Tagaytay is one of my usual escapes when I feel the need to get out of the city but I've never been to Villa Ibarra. Will try it next time :)

    Whatever Eva


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