December Weddings

Wednesday, December 19, 2012
I seriously love December weddings. The weather's almost always just right, so you don't end up sweating like a pig. Don't get me wrong. I love our tropical country. It's just that... The usual hot and sticky weather just isn't right for getting all dolled up.

And December's a festive month. Perfect for weddings. :)

The Memet and I attended a friend's wedding yesterday, and I thought I'd share what I wore to the wedding. You know. Just because. Haha!

But before I flood you with my pictures, here's a photo of the lovely couple that got married yesterday:

Rocky & Jensen | 12.18.2012

Now, on to feed my vanity. Hahaha!

I didn't have any solo shots, so here's a couple of pictures with one of my favorite godmothers.

The motif was red and black, by the way. I chose to buy a black lace dress for this wedding because I know I can always wear it in some other occasion. Black is so easy to wear with anything. :) Oh, I just added the white belt. It didn't come with the dress.

I also kept the accessories to a bare minimum. I only wore a pair of earrings, a two-tone necklace, a couple of rings (including my "engagement" and wedding rings), and my trusty old Timex watch.

My choice of footwear - A pair of simple platformed black stilettos.

I decided to get made up for this wedding. I'm not so sure why. Haha! Hair and makeup's by Artus. He's one of John Sunga's artists. John Sunga's salon is located in Taytay, Rizal.

I opted for "home service" for my hair and makeup yesterday, because no one would be able to pick me up from the salon. I think the hair and makeup's pretty good (What do you think?). I just wasn't expecting that it was going to cost a whopping P2,500.

Maybe I should start investing in a good foundation and some eye makeup. Any suggestions? I've got extremely oily skin.

But then... I'll have to learn putting all that gunk on, all by myself. Ugh. Gotta look for a more affordable hair and makeup artist. If you know of any, please let me know. Hehehe!

Hair & Makeup: Artus of John Sunga's Salon (Taytay, Rizal)
Black Lace Dress: Maldita
Shoes: Centropelle
Bag: Stacatto

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