Baguio: Holiday Park Hotel

Tuesday, February 26, 2013
We spent 2 nights in Baguio last January while the Memet and I were on our North Luzon Road Trip. I did some shopping around a couple months before the trip for a nice hotel, inn, etc. I wanted to stay at the more expensive ones to see if they're really worth the money, but because of budget constraints, I had to look for affordable alternatives. Hehe!

After weeks of thinking it through, I decided on Holiday Park Hotel. Their rates were affordable and the pictures of the rooms posted on their website seemed decent enough.

I'm glad it didn't disappoint. :)

The room itself was spare, but tidy. It had a comfortable queen sized bed, ample lighting, cable TV, an a/c, a closet and a couple of desks/tables for your other stuff.

Next time though, I think I'll get a room that doesn't have a television in it. The Memet tends to ignore me when he's in front of the TV. LOL!

On to the bathroom. It was on the small side, but clean. They had enough towels for the Memet and I, there was a roll of tissue (no bidet), and some basic toiletries that you'd normally find in hotels. What was most important was the hot water. When in Baguio, hot water is a MUST. Haha!

The shower area was rather tiny, but I didn't mind because I fit nicely in it. I'm a petite girl, so there was room enough for me. It was a different matter for the Memet though. Let's just say he wasn't happy with the shower. Haha!

So yeah. The room itself was "okay". The peeps over there were also accommodating. The check-in and check-out process was a breeze. Not bad for P1,800 per night. It would've been better though if it came with free breakfast. And a bigger shower.

The hotel is at a pretty accessible spot. It's right next to a Eurotel branch and Cafe by the Ruins. It's also a 5-10 minute walk from Session Road, Burnham Park, and the wagwagan shops.

Holiday Park Hotel
# 129 Abanao Extension, Baguio City


  1. Overall it is looking good. I am sure it is affordable as well.

  2. From the pictures, the room looks pretty cozy and decent enough for the price. I agree, the bathroom could have been a bit bigger. But I'm glad you enjoyed the trip.
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  3. dude!! checking baguio accommodations and saw this post of yours :) cool! btw, I think 2k na ang rate nila at may breakfast na :)

    1. Are you going to Baguio? When? (Sama ako! Haha! Joke lang.)

      Pretty affordable parin sya even at 2K, and with breakfast to boot! Not bad!

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