Laperal White House, Baguio

Monday, February 11, 2013
I don't know why a lot of the videos and articles online state that it's #14 Laperal. When we went there, it simply said # 4 Laperal. Hmmm. Perhaps we went to a different haunted house? Haha!

Well, basing on the pics and videos, the haunted house that we went to was the same one that was featured in Jay Taruc's I-Witness in GMA-7. Man, that episode seriously gave me the creeps.

Here's one of the few clips from Youtube:

The Memet and I, along with some friends who also happened to be in Baguio around the same time, spent most of the late afternoon and early evening of January 21st looking for the White House. It's kinda weird, because a lot of the locals we asked didn't seem to know where it's located. Several strangers later, someone finally told us to look for Leonard Wood Rd. The house should be right there. Or so they said. After seemingly going around in circles for hours and hours, The Memet and I decided to have dinner at the 50's Diner along Leonard Wood Rd, while my friend and her crew continued with the search.

While we were having dinner, my friend dropped by 50's Diner and told me that the White House was actually just a 3 minute walk from where we were eating. It was literally right down the road. Until now, I can't help but wonder why The Memet and I had such a hard time finding it.

After dinner, The Memet and I decided to leave the car parked at the Diner so that we can check out the elusive White House on foot. Now, I still can't explain this, but even before we saw the house, I felt all my hair stand on end. We didn't need to see the house for me to know that we were near.

To cut it short, I stopped dead in my tracks, turned around, and headed back for the car with The Memet in tow. I couldn't bear seeing the house in the dark of night. I was that freaked out by what I felt. Even when we drove past it on our way back to our hotel, I dared not look at the house. I couldn't bring myself to look. Don't ask me, because I seriously don't understand either. Haha!

Come daylight, right after breakfast, we felt a little braver so we sought out the house again. It was still creepy, but like I mentioned, the daylight made us feel braver. Hahaha!

It's a good thing there was an ongoing bamboo exhibit when we went there. It somehow gave the place a lived in feel.

No one else was at the exhibit that day though. And there wasn't a lot of things on display. Wanting to explore the house a little, The Memet and I spoke to the housekeeper and she obliged us with a tour of the house. We wouldn't have dared poke around without her. =P

Here are some photos of the inside of the house. If you see anything unusual or other-worldly, please don't bother pointing it out. I'm scared enough of the place as it is. Hahaha!

Before we proceed with the other pictures, can I just say that I'm very impressed with how well-kept the house is? The housekeeper said that she usually cleans the house once or twice a week, and always in the morning. She's never dared to go inside the house after dark. She's still pretty brave though. If I were in her shoes, I'll never go inside that house to clean it all by myself. Even in broad daylight. LOL!

So here we go. On to the second floor. The first room we checked out was the truly creepy room in Jay Taruc's coverage. The one where the CCTV camera kept falling off. It's also the same one where they heard the voice saying, "Nandito kami" (We're here). Okay. Enough of that. My hair's starting to stand on end again. Hahaha!

As you can see, I didn't take a lot of pictures. Too creepy for me. I couldn't stay in there for long, so I urged them to move on to the next room.

Here's a quick shot of the corridor. Haha!

The next room's the master's bedroom. It has a fireplace and a teeny tiny balcony. And... For the life of me, I can't figure out why they still have beds in the rooms. It's not like anyone would want to sleep there overnight.

There were a couple more rooms in the house, and a third floor, but we didn't explore them anymore. I, for one, was outright scared of the third floor. Hahaha!

But before leaving, The Memet insisted that I should have a photo from the balcony. Being the scaredy cats that we were, the housekeeper and I walked The Memet to the living room downstairs, then the housekeeper and I went back to the masters bedroom. You can't see it in the photograph below, but the entire time I was out on the balcony, I was pleading with the housekeeper to not leave me. I asked her to keep talking so that I'd know she's still behind me. Hahahaha!

Whew. So there you go. 2 haunted houses in January. I think that's my quota for the entire year, thank you very much. Hahaha! We didn't see or hear anything (thank goodness), but both the Bahay na Pula and the White House sure gave me the creeps. Well, for the record, the White House was creepier. In my opinion.

If you know of any other haunted houses in the Philippines, do let me know. The Memet and I might just work up the courage to check it out. ;-)


  1. Aaaah. why did I watch the video??? I'm alone in our apartment pa naman (and I'm such a coward kahit daytime pa).

    I have to say, though, that the house is beautiful and in really good condition pa.

  2. Yes, tumatayo talaga lahat ng hair ko pag naririnig ko yung voice sa end ng video na yan. Even the house itself has the same effect on me. Haha! Super creepy.

    You should visit it sis, when you go to Baguio. :D

    You'll survive it, promise. I'm a big coward too... Can't even watch horror movies. Hehe!

  3. pakivisit naman po yung haunted house sa Dr. Gonzales St., Tibag, Baliuag, Bulacan. pls, pls.

  4. The house looks pretty! I guess its because it is well maintained and kept really clean. I just dont like the stairs, it really doesnt look kid friendly at all (yeah, I actually imagined living there for a few seconds haha).

    I wonder what happened to the owners and why it was tagged hunted house? Would you know if there were people who tried to live there?

    Next time you go check out haunted houses, can I come along? I imagine it to be so much fun, haha!

    1. Yep. Those stairs leading to the 3rd floor - definitely not kid friendly. Gave me the spooks too. Haha! Actually, the entire house did. LOL.

      From what we were told, the Laperals were killed during World War II when the Japanese occupied their house. But it's not clear exactly whether it was the Japanese who killed them or not. It's a haunted house because of the many "ghost" sightings and weird experiences that people go through in the house. Honestly, I still get goosebumps whenever I look at the photos that I took. Haha!

      Hahaha! Sure, feel fee to come along with us. It IS fun! Scary though. LOL.


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