March: My Birth Month

Thursday, March 21, 2013
I'm a fish. A Pisces. I'm a fish that can't swim. Haha!

I've been pretty much MIA from blogging because I've been busy with a few business things, and stuffing my face during birthday lunches and dinners with different groups of friends/family. Because I'm in demand like that. LOL.

I was never one for celebrating my birthday, but since I settled down (got married), the time that I've been spending with friends has significantly dropped. Plus, a lot of them have moved or just live too far away for us to see each other frequently.

Anyway, since last year, I've made it a point to get together with the people closest to my heart during my birthday. Since there's quite a number of them, I ended up celebrating my birth month instead of my birth date. :p

Here are some of the photos I was able to take. I don't really like lugging around a camera anymore. I don't know why. Maybe I really need to get rid of my DSLR and get a Sony Nex or a Nikon V something. They're a great deal more portable than the bulky DSLR.

So yeah. Back to the photos. Haha! I don't have pictures from some of the other gatherings because some friends took the pictures and I'm still bugging them to post even just one on Facebook. They're even lazier than I am.

Tropical Hut, Taytay, Rizal
With the 2 guys I've known since I was an (even more) awkward looking adolescent.
Amici, Ayala Triangle
With a couple of friends from work (The others didn't make it coz they were tied up in training sessions, meetings, calibration sessions, and so on and so forth. Boo! :p)

Italianni's, Eastwood Mall
With the parents. I can't figure out why we don't have a group shot. I think it's in my dad's phone, somewhere. He must've forgotten to upload it.

Mann Hann, Trinoma
With The Memet's family. Oh! Oh! I got a little desk clock from my sister in law... It has an Eiffel Tower! Did I mention that I have a thing for anything that has an Eiffel Tower on it? Haha!

Yellow Cab, Ortigas Extn.
With church friends. My friends from church have always been mostly guys. I don't know why. The cute baby with her mommy beside me became part of my circle because the mommy married one of my friends (not in the picture).

Shakey's Pizza, Ortigas Extn.
With new girlfriends from church. Like I said, my church friends have always been guys. It's just recently that I began forming friendships with females. Why is that? Hmmmm.

So there. I had a get together with my high school buddies too, but the guy who took the photos that night is too lazy to upload or share the photos. Haha!


  1. no lunch/dinner with college friends?! boo! d heck! lab u still fwend :) belated happy bday :)

  2. @Donna: I miss you guys so bad! Haha! See you in about 2 months? LOL! Mmmmmwah!

  3. andito pala si Josh sa Pinas?
    ang ganda nung last girl sa last photo. yung nasa rightmost, sino yun? haha :P

  4. @Jon: Yep! He's been here kaya for several years na. Hehehe!

    Pakilala kita dun sa girl sa last photo? Crush ka din daw nun eh. Haha! :p


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