Baguio: Sizzling Plate

Wednesday, April 03, 2013
Having just come from an awesome spa experience at North Haven Spa in Baguio, The Memet and I searched for a not so crowded place where we could feed our famished selves. The food establishments along Session Road looked enticing, but there was simply nowhere to park, and the sidewalks were mostly crowded, so we continued to drive back to our hotel.

We were just a couple hundred meters away from the hotel when we noticed a homey restaurant that had spacious parking. We were like, "OH! PARKING SPACE!". So we decided to park, hop off the car, and made a beeline for the nearest table. Haha!

The name of the place? Sizzling Plate Baguio. :)

The interior was all wood. No airconditioning (no need for that in Baguio), but there were a couple of wall fans here and there. I imagine they only use them during summer time. Hehe!

Their menu was simple, pretty straightforward. Steaks on sizzling plates, sisig, the usual stuff for Sizzling "houses". I decided on a garlic steak and The Memet ordered a t-bone steak.

While waiting, we were served soup. They didn't tell us what it was called, but it was piping hot. A bit too salty for me though.

And now, for the much awaited part of dinner that night. The steaks. Haha!

My garlic steak.

The Memet's t-bone steak.
Both our steaks came with some greens and a couple sticks of fries. Didn't care much for those. They obviously could've been better. Haha! But the steaks themselves were pretty good! They each came with a cup of rice which was more than enough, really.

I'm no food connoisseur, but I just loved my garlic steak. It was tender, well-done (as requested), and the "juicy-ness" was just right! The Memet loved his steak too.

Being that we were so happy with our main course, we decided to order some dessert. We got a leche flan and a slice of sans rival.

The desserts were a mistake. Haha! If you go visit Sizzling Plate, just go for their steaks. Don't bother with dessert.

The flan's consistency was weird. Kinda thin. I'm used to very thick leche flans. It just left much to be desired. Same goes for their sans rival. It's similar to the ones you can get for around P20 at Burger Machine. It was that bad. Haha!

Overall, we were both happy with our meal (except for the dessert portion). Haha! We only spent around P700 for everything. Not bad for steaks, right?

Here's the info you'll need if you decide to stop by Sizzling Plate while in Baguio. :)

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