Vigan Calesa Tour: Part 2

Wednesday, August 14, 2013
In case y'all are wondering what a calesa is, it's a horse drawn carriage. Hehehe! Sorry, I forgot to explain what it is, for those folks out there who don't understand Filipino. The carriage driver is called a kutsero. :)

Here's a picture if you're interested.

So anyway, this post is about the 2nd leg of our Vigan Calesa Tour. This time, we went to the...


It's a pretty well-maintained mansion / museum. Here it is from the outside.

The place has undergone some renovation so the interior is pretty updated. It's pretty much just the contents that are still "all original" at this point.

There were also some very interesting artwork inside. Do you recognize any of them? I'm not all that familiar with artists, so... Yeah. Hehe!

Now, this one I'm sure is familiar to most of you (if you're a Filipino).

Right? It's a smaller version of Juan Luna's Spoliarium. You can find the larger, original copy in the Philippine's National Museum in Manila. But then you probably already knew that. This smaller version found in the Syquia Mansion was done  by artist Pedro Respall.

Here, you'll see a close up of the corner of Respall's version of Luna's Spoliarium. If my eyesight's correct, he did the painting in 1911. Luna, on the other hand, finished painting the original Spoliarium in 1884. Awesome.

So there you have it. Pretty old stuff inside the Syquia Mansion. Hehe! If you want to drop by when you visit Vigan, here are the details you'll need:

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