Currimao Coral Rock Formations

Saturday, December 28, 2013
The Memet and I were foolishly trying to get to Laoag (from Vigan) by using the map in our SUV's GPS system. We didn't even think to put in our destination's coordinates. So as expected, we got lost because we took a wrong turn somewhere.

But this was one pleasant wrong turn.

We didn't realize it then, but we came across Currimao's Coral Rock Formations. To be honest, I always thought that 'currimao' was a term that some people used to refer jokingly to other people. Am not entirely sure of what the street slang means though. Hihi.

So anyway, we continued to drive through the available road so that we could take more pictures. The rock formations were real pretty. The tide pools, eye-catching. And the ocean, breathtaking. It was also great that we were the only two people in the area. It was completely deserted. Which was a wonder because the place was really picturesque.

Here are some of the photos I took. I just wish they could do more justice to the place. :)

We only saw one hotel in the area, but we didn't have a chance to peek in because we were running a bit behind. It looked promising though. :)

What I realized from this wrong turn is that it's good to have a planned itinerary when traveling, but it's even better when you don't have a strict schedule to follow, because it leads you to small yet amazing discoveries. :)

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