Review: Geisha Japanese Whitening Soap

Friday, January 17, 2014
You know how it is when you find your HG (Holy Grail / Hiyang) Soap and then you get tired of it and want to try something else just for kicks? Well, that's what happened to me last December.

My skin just super agrees with By Nature Handmade Soaps' Fair Geranium bar. It helps keep my pimples at bay and it slowly but surely evens out my skin tone. Yep, I've got uneven skin tone because I'm a shorts and t-shirt kinda girl (yes, I have weird tan lines) and I often go out in the sun. My lotion's got SPF, but that doesn't really prevent skin darkening, I guess. Especially when you go around driving a car with no tint in broad daylight. Sigh.

Suffice to say I got bored and maybe a little impatient. I wanted my skin color to even out pronto.

Enter Geisha Japanese Whitening Soap. Found it online thru an IG seller.

Photo Credit: IG seller @japonesabeautyshop

It's pretty expensive at P900, but I'm a sucker. The description said, and I quote, "Faster whitening than Tokyo Love Soap with fast nano micro peeling effect on your 1st use. You will feel your hands are a bit dry due to the nano micro peeling effect but it doesn't seem obvious. Works on stretchmarks, dark underarms, acne scars, melanoma. See instant results on your first use. Nano skin peeling in a bar."

With the help of Paypal, I was able to quickly make my purchase and a couple of days later, I had the soap in my hand. I couldn't wait to try it out.

I didn't see any instructions, so I just used it like I normally used a soap. I lathered up with it then with a bath glove, went scrub-a-dub-dub. And boy, did it sting like hell! After the bath, I asked the seller if it was really supposed to do that. She said yes, and apparently, I wasn't supposed to leave it on my skin for more than 30 seconds. So... Lesson learned. Haha!

So from then on, I took quick baths using the soap. It dwindles away quite fast so I guess it was really meant for quick baths.

As early as the first use, I did experience micro peeling on my hands. Actually, 2-3 days after I first used it, the skin on my palms was seriously peeling. I didn't pay much mind to it because I expected it. What I didn't expect was that my skin would become dry. My arms and legs were fine. They didn't dry out because I use colloidal oatmeal lotion on my body. Yes, I've got skin asthma, remember? :) Anyway, what I wasn't prepared for was that the skin on my face and neck would also become extremely dry. Yeah, it was still dry even when I slathered moisturizer all over my face and neck. And it wasn't only dry. It also became scaly. Que horror! And then the inevitable happened. My skin broke out. What did you expect? I've got oily skin, then all of a sudden the soap made it dry and scaly. Hello, acne break out.

The break right now out isn't as bad as when I broke out several years ago, but it's really irritating. I've got pimples on my face... And I've got bacne! Sigh.

So I stopped using the Geisha Japanese Whitening Soap and switched to Tokyo Love Soap (Premium). I guess my skin agrees better with Tokyo Love Soap's Original variant because it still hasn't improved. Skin's still dry. :( TLS Premium has got a mild floral scent while TLS Original is unscented. Unscented products are better suited for my skin condition.

Well. So there's my experience with the Geisha Japanese Whitening Soap. It's still in my bathroom. But I'm not touching it again. Haha! I'm going back to By Nature Handmade Soaps. Way cheaper (P115 to P175 price range), and more effective on my skin. I might still buy a bar of TLS Original from @japonesabeautyshop from time to time. You know, when I've got the budget to spare. Haha!

If you want to try out authentic Japanese skin care products, do check out @japonesabeautyshop on Instagram. The seller's very accommodating and nice. She always sends me freebies along with my purchases. Hihi! :D


  1. aww, sorry to hear what happen on your Geisha's soap experience. Sometimes I also got tired of my old face soap and quite giddy to try out new products (probably a more expensive) but turns out it broke me out or is NOT hiyang on my skin at all. Hence, lesson learned stick to good ol' soap as it works great on our skin ^_~

    1. That's so true sis. Better stick to the soaps that we're hiyang with. Haha! I keep telling myself that, but there really comes a time when I get tired of my regular soap. Tigas ng ulo. Hehehe!

  2. Oh no no no. Horror story!
    I feel you! Sometimes i get bored with the things i normally use. :)
    It's nice to discover your blog!
    I'm a new blogger, please visit my site if you have time. :)

    1. Hi, Fred! Love your name! Hihi! I just checked out your blog sis. Very nice! Will add you to my blog roll. Will you add me to yours too? :)

  3. I use GSoap from my sister :) it's effective and cheap! :) hehe

    1. I went back to using Tokyo Love Soap on my face sis, and my break out's pretty much cleared up already. Hihi! I'll check out the link you shared sis. :)

  4. When you used the Tokyo love soap when will the peeling go away?

    1. I actually didn't experience any peeling with Tokyo Love Soap sis. :)


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