Batac, Ilocos Norte: Ferdinand E. Marcos Presidential Center

Wednesday, February 05, 2014
After checking out from Balay da Blas, The Memet and I headed to Batac to check out the Ferdinand E. Marcos Presidential Center.

We got there around lunch time, so there weren't that many people. Actually, January was a pretty good month to travel to Ilocos in general. There weren't a lot of tourists in some of the spots.

The first thing we checked out upon arriving at the Ferdinand E. Marcos Presidential Center was the mausoleum. We got there during lunch break, but we begged and begged for the caretaker to let us in. We begged nicely, of course. And because we were begging very nicely, even the vendors around the area encouraged the caretaker to let us in. (Of course, we had to buy stuff from the vendors after the tour as a way of thanking them. Haha!)

The inside of the mausoleum was dark and seemed cave-like. It helped to keep the place cool (aside from the airconditioning), and in turn, the cool temperature helped to preserve the former President's body. The caretaker explained to us that the body was covered in wax to help preserve it. He also said that the mausoleum was designed in such a way so that it can stay cool even when power goes out for a couple of days. Pretty awesome.

We asked so many questions, but the caretaker answered them genially. So... After the viewing, we treated him to some buko juice from one of the vendors outside. Hehe!

After the mausoleum tour, we walked to a nearby museum that housed photos of former President Ferdinand Marcos, his first lady Imelda Marcos, and their family.

The photos were all very interesting to look at. They were very... Old. Hehehe! It would've been nice if there was someone inside the "museum". We couldn't ask any questions! Haha! We don't know either if there was an entrance fee or anything. The place was wide open though, and devoid of any human beings, so I guess entrance is free.

We were pretty hungry after going through the Marcos' photos, so we looked for some place to eat. On our search, we came across an unassuming Johnny Moon branch in the Presidential Center. Unassuming because there was no signage at all when we came across it. It looked like they just recently opened for business. They probably have a signage by now. Hehe!

We got their Ilocos empanada to go. If you want to taste uber yummy Ilocos empanada, look for Johnny Moon. Their empanada is awesome. Nothing compared to the one that we bought from the Hidden Garden in Vigan. Hehe!

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