Bangui Wind Farm

Monday, March 31, 2014
At some point, y'all have heard about the famous Bangui Windmills in Ilocos Norte. Well, I sure have heard of it, so when The Memet and I plotted our itinerary for Ilocos, I made sure we had time to see the windmills.

It's pretty hard to get to the Bangui Windmills if you're not looking for it. The signage that we saw was just on the side of the road and was handwritten on a piece of cardboard. So when we spotted it, we turned left onto a dirt road that seemed to lead nowhere. It's a tiny piece of road and by the looks of it, there'd be no streetlights to illuminate your path should you happen to be there at night. Hehe! So be sure to look for the windmills with plenty of daylight left.

We drove on for a few minutes then we started seeing glimpses of the windmills. They looked tiny or regular sized from afar. Well, we didn't realize then that we were still a few kilometers away.

Up close, the windmills were HUGE. I did some research and found out that they're 230 feet high. They're so huge that they're spaced 1,070 feet apart. It's kinda weird though, because they still don't look all that big in the photos. I guess there are things that are better appreciated in person. :)

There really isn't anything else to do there, but marvel at the beautiful windmill. Of course, don't forget to take tons of pictures. There weren't any vendors or souvenir shops when we visited. There was also hardly anyone else. The Memet and I, however did enjoy the waves too. The ocean was just a joy to look at.

No, we didn't swim, but we did enjoy trying not to get our shoes wet while walking along the shore. The waves were pretty big and I'm not sure I would've taken a dip even if I had my swimsuit handy. I'm sure the undercurrent would've been wicked.

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