Dinner at Kapuluan Vista Resort

Wednesday, April 09, 2014
The night we were checked in Kapuluan Vista Resort, we were too lazy to go out, so we hit up their restaurant for dinner. We weren't disappointed. The prices on their menu weren't exactly cheap, but the food overall was not too expensive either.

The Memet and I ordered the same thing (so much for being gastronomic adventurers). The greens were really fresh, and the meat was tender. We loved how the flavors worked really well together. They also gave us some Sinigang sa Miso Soup and that was really yummy too. Tangy enough to make our taste buds dance.

Oh, their greens were really fresh, because they grow their own vegetables and herbs in Kapuluan Vista. From what we were told, they were also organic. So, YEY for healthy eating!

For more information on Kapuluan Vista Resort, please visit their website: http://kapuluanvistaresortandrestaurant.com/.

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