Kapuluan Vista Resort

Wednesday, April 09, 2014
It took me a while to decide on the resort that we'd be staying in during the Pagudpud leg of our trip. There was the ever famous Hannah's, but it looked tacky. Plus the reviews that I read about that particular resort on TripAdvisor weren't all that stellar. So I went with Kapuluan Vista Resort instead, mainly because the reviews seemed promising.

The folks there were friendly and they immediately assisted us when we arrived. And look! They had my name on their welcome board! (I wish they spelled my last name correctly though. Hehe!)

Here are more pictures of the place once we got checked in:

The bedroom was spacious enough, and so was the bed. There was a small television set inside the room, and as you can see in the picture above, The Memet homed in on it immediately. I really should get us a room without a TV next time. Haha!

The room itself was okay, but one thing stood out for me. The lighting didn't seem sufficient. Even with all the available lights on, the room was still dark. I couldn't even read a few paragraphs on my pocket book before bed time. :(

The lights in the bathroom were the same story. T'was also dim.

The bathroom was spacious, which I appreciated. What I didn't particularly like was the dingy make-shift tub / shower area. See the grime? Big turn off... But I guess it's fine since a lot of the people who come here spend more time outdoors than in the tub anyway. But I still wish they'd get rid of the grime. It looks disturbing, especially to OC people like me.

Outside, you can't really ask for anything else. The place has that really laid back beach vibe.

Once our things were settled in, we walked around the beach, but couldn't go for a swim. The beach directly in front of Kapuluan Vista Resort is a bit rocky, and you'd probably end up getting some cuts on your feet if you go in without aqua shoes. Plus, it was really windy while we were there. The weather wasn't exactly the kind for swimming. But soaking in the view was darned satisfying.

If you don't want to go swimming in the salty ocean, there's a small pool in the resort that you can use. I wish they used different colors for the tiles so that the pool didn't look moldy. But up close, the water in the pool seemed clean enough.

We were supposed to stay 2 nights in Kapuluan Vista Resort, but when we woke up the next day, the weather hadn't improved. Actually, it started raining and it was pretty cold. There wasn't any chance that we could go swimming at all. So The Memet and I spoke with their front desk attendant and asked if they'd allow us to forfeit the 2nd night's stay. They were agreeable and didn't charge us anything extra. All in all, we just had to pay for the one night's stay that we used up.

It's a shame that the sun didn't decide to join us during our stay in Pagudpud. We learned a valuable lesson though: Do not go to Pagudpud in January if your plan is to get a tan. Haha! But if you want to go there just for the view and you want to watch the ocean throw a fit, then January (or the Habagat season in general) is the perfect time for you to go there.

For more details on Kapuluan Vista Resort, please visit their website: http://kapuluanvistaresortandrestaurant.com/.

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