New Discovery: Brewed For You Coffee Shop & Restaurant

Tuesday, May 20, 2014
The Memet and I came across this very attractive coffee shop / restaurant somewhere in Lemery, Batangas sometime last year. We were really on our way to Calatagan and we weren't really hungry either, but when we saw this coffee shop, we decided to stop over and have a look.

There were no other customers there that morning. Actually, when we first stepped in, we thought there was no one there at all. But the staff heard us and they popped out of nowhere to assist us.

Brewed for You doesn't serve expensive coffee. Their coffee is good (a bit average), and that's fine because their price on their drinks don't go over P100. They also serve a few other things like sandwiches and lunch meals with prices not going over P250. Here's a photo of part of their menu:

The Memet and I only ordered a cup of coffee (for him) and a cup of Ginger Brew or Salabat (for me). I loved the Ginger Brew so much that I got a jar of their powdered ginger brew to go. It's a shame I only got one jar because it's the best ginger brew I've ever had so far. It's different, and a whole lot more pleasant than the ones that I've bought from supermarkets.

The place is a looker because of its nice architecture and you'll have quite a lot of photo opportunities. Here are some of the photos that I took:

Brewed for You is a place that's sort of in the middle of nowhere, so I don't think it ever gets really crowded. It's a great stopover if you're driving from Tagaytay to Calatagan, especially if you need to stretch your legs from all that sitting. The folks there are also extremely genial, so your stopover's sure to be a pleasure.

Here's a map that'll help you find the place. I just grabbed it from their Facebook page. Hehehe! Here's the URL to their page too, for more details: :)

Photo Courtesy of Brewed for You Coffee Shop & Restaurant

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