Colourful Kiddie Party at McDonald's

Wednesday, July 09, 2014
I'm not a big party animal. Never was. I'm rather uncomfortable in bars, pubs, and loud, noisy parties with lots of dancing and booze. I mean, not that I'm against that kind of partying. It's just that it's not my kind of thing.

Believe it or not, I'm happier at kiddie parties. Hahaha! There's so much colour, and the smiling kids are so much fun to watch.

A niece of mine (My first ever niece from my cousins - father's side) recently had her 6th birthday party at a McDonald's branch near our place. Oh, and by recent, I mean February of this year. LOL!

Here are some photos from the said party. I just wanted to share it because the colours are so happy, which is in complete contrast to today's weather - dull and dreary.

I love this cupcake tower! It's so pretty to look at. And the cupcakes are delish too! I got to take home four of these babies. Haha!

It was a very intimate party with only a handful of guests. Most of them were relatives and from Mimzy's school.

It wasn't just the kids who enjoyed the games. The adults gamely participated too, and made the kids laugh - a lot!

There's my cousin, the stage daddy. Hehehe!

The kids loved the mascot. And so did the adults!

And, oh! Imagine that... I actually have a photo with the birthday girl. Hehehe!

This one's my favourite out of the entire lot of photos. Just look at daddy and his little girl... All smiles!

Kiddie parties are so much fun because kids are usually pretty easy to please. The party doesn't always have to be extravagant. What's important is that their favourite cartoon characters or mascots are featured in the party and that their close friends are there. They don't have the time to be pretentious - yet. Life is so much less complicated for kids, eh?

I can't wait to plan a kiddie party in our back yard! Soon, I hope. :)


  1. Oh my goodness this Colourful Kiddie Party at McDonald's was outstanding. Truly these crafts, the huge cake, the colorful decorations and every other detail are amazing. We too attended a fairy themed 10th birthday at the local event space Chicago and it was also brilliant. My kids had awesome time over there.


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