Iglesia Ni Cristo Centennial Celebration

Thursday, July 31, 2014
We were on the road, bound for Ciudad de Victoria in Bocaue, Bulacan as early as 7:30, morning of July 26th. We dropped by my sister in law's house in QC to pick up a few things and were in Ciudad de Victoria before 9am. And boy, were we glad we left early. Traffic started to build up a few hours later, but we weren't really surprised, because we were all expecting more than 1 million members of the INC to arrive as early as July 26th in preparation for our 100th year anniversary celebration on July 27th.

After securing our belongings and our vehicle, we immediately went for a quick tour around Philippine Arena, taking advantage of the views while the area wasn't jam-packed yet.

From morning till evening, we did nothing but eat, nap, play games, and what not. Haha! The next highlight was the pyro-musical / fireworks display, which we didn't expect to start until 12mn. It actually started a bit earlier than expected, so we didn't get to position ourselves in front of the Arena (we ended up somewhere to the side, near the back).

I got a few photos, but the lot of them wouldn't do justice to the grandeur of the fireworks display, so here's one that I got off of Google Images:

Image Courtesy of www.dailybalita.com
After the fireworks display (around 12:30am), the event management group opened the gates to the Philippine Arena and started to let brethren in, in preparation for the 7am special worship service. The Memet and I didn't get in until around 3am because we had to take a quick shower and change into our Sunday dresses first.

The worship service was very solemn despite the sheer number of the attendees that morning. I can't explain exactly what it feels like to attend a worship service that is officiated by Brother Eduardo V. Manalo himself, because the whole experience is beyond words.

In the other "regular" worship services in the INC, you can always feel God's presence. I don't know how to explain it, but you just do. On the morning of July 27th, however, I felt that it was greatly amplified. Everyone in attendance, regardless of where the brethren were, felt His power and love. So despite the fact that many of us lacked sleep and were extremely tired, we all felt blessed and uplifted by the time the special worship service was done.

After the special worship service, we were all given a break (1.5 hours) before the Oratorio was set to begin.

An Oratorio is like an opera, but is composed of an orchestra, a choir, and soloists. The production number was magnificent, but The Memet and I weren't able to stay for the entire duration of the Oratorio, because we were really tired and sleepy. Hehe! So we left halfway through the program and I ended up kicking myself that afternoon when I remembered that the awarding for the new Guinness World Record that we set was to take place after the Oratorio.

Since we can't turn back time for me to witness the actual awards ceremony, here's an image that shows the world records that the INC has set so far:

What can I say? I'm just proud. Hehe! I'm proud that I'm a member of the Iglesia Ni Cristo... A church that came from humble beginnings, but through God's love and compassion, has grown exponentially and is still continuing to grow across the globe.

I'm also proud to be a Filipino, because I believe that all these world records and the Ciudad de Victoria complex are something that we as a nation should be proud of. :)

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