Villa Ibarra in December

Thursday, August 07, 2014
Because The Memet and I do not have children yet, we've made it a tradition to stay in a hotel on December 24th of every year. Last year, we went to Villa Ibarra in Tagaytay, because I wanted him to experience the place. My cousin's family and I stayed in Villa Ibarra back in 2012 when she came to visit the Philippines. I blogged about that experience and you can read about it here.

My first experience in Villa Ibarra was awesome, because we had the place practically all to ourselves. My stay there with The Memet would've been just as great had it not been for the noisy family that occupied the room directly above ours. The 2nd floor was made of wooden planks, and the people checked in upstairs didn't seem to do anything else but walk / run around. Their footsteps were so loud and heavy, and they also had screaming children that ran around the entire place almost all afternoon on the day that we arrived. Some of the kids even went as far as to bang on the piano in the reception area. I shudder just remembering that afternoon.

We were glad that the whole shenanigan died down when evening settled. That was when we started to enjoy our stay. Hehe!

We booked the Divine Room for our stay on December 24th of 2013. It was lovely, spacious, and had an awesome view of Taal from it's huge window.

The highlight of our stay was the bathroom. It was big. It had the usual bathroom amenities like a shower, a toilet, bidet, fluffy towels and robes, as well as a jacuzzi. There was also a TV on the wall right in front of the jacuzzi. 

I think we spent a good chunk of the evening just soaking in the jacuzzi until we were all prune-y. Hahaha!

Breakfast fare at Villa Ibarra was still the same experience. It was no breakfast buffet, but the food was okay.

Overall, I still love Villa Ibarra. But I would seriously advice against going there on holidays if you're after some quiet and relaxation. Or maybe you could call ahead and check if there are families with kids checked in on the second floor. OR you can just book one of the rooms on the second floor. Haha!

Villa Ibarra Tagaytay
130 Gen. E. Aguinaldo Highway
Brgy. Maharlika East, Tagaytay City
(63) 915-960-7481 / (63) 929-205-6511

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