What to Do When Life Overwhelms You

Monday, September 01, 2014
It's the first day of September and it's also the first time ever that the song title 'Wake Me Up When September Ends' actually applies to my life. I don't know if it's just because I got up on the wrong side of the bed or if everything just built up inside me and now I want to just blow up all of a sudden.

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I was sulking just a bit earlier, almost on my way to a solo pity party but then I thought, what's that going to accomplish? You're right. Nada.

So I thought up a list of things to do when everything gets overwhelming and you just want to quit. Here are some of the things that I came up with:

1. Read a Book. I'm a bookworm and I have a ton of books that I have yet to read, so I might as well put a dent on my to-read list. Reading's great (For bookworms, anyway) because it transports you to a different dimension and temporarily takes your mind off your own problems. It's not expensive either. I get my books from Books for Less or I buy e-books from Ebay or Instagram.

2. Watch a Movie. But for the love of God, do not pick a tear-jerker. That's just going to pull you down further into depression. Action movies, romance-comedies, and hilarious movies are great. Personally, I'm very choosy when it comes to comedies. If it's not witty enough (Read: slapstick humour), I just end up getting pissed.

3. Go Shopping. If you've got the dough and bills aren't what's causing your problems (Bills! I hate you!), then by all means, go shop. They don't call it "retail therapy" for nothing. But to make your shopping spree more meaningful, why not buy your loved ones thoughtful gifts too? You'll end up cheering them up as well.

4. Eat. But please, don't gorge on junk food. True, they'll probably make you happy, but then they won't do anything good for your health either. Go for healthy chow that your body will benefit from. Healthy doesn't have to be bland and yucky, you know.

5. Talk. If you've got a family member or a friend that you can turn to, talk about your troubles with them. Sure, they might not be able to help you with your troubles (Eherm, especially financial woes), but unloading by talking will help you feel lighter. Now, if only talking could also help people lose weight...

6. Pray. This is probably one of my tried and tested solutions. There is no one better to turn to than God. He's there when you're lost in bliss and He's there when you're feeling down in the dumps. Trusting Him to help you get through the worst of your troubles will do you good. But don't forget to thank Him in the end. It kinda sucks how some people forget all about Him when everything gets better...

7. Sit Down & Create a To-Do List. Sure, praying's one thing. But how do you expect God to help you if you won't help yourself? Once you've done anything from numbers 1-6, it helps to hunker down and work on your action plan. And when your plan's ready, make it happen.

It might be hard to make anything happen at first, especially if you're caught in the webs of self pity, but if can you get your mind to urge your body to go along, then you're on your way to feeling marginally better.

I was feeling seriously down when I started this post. But now, I don't feel so bad anymore. I feel somewhat lighter (Weighing scale, where are you?). My first action plan was to write, and that's what I did. Now, I gotta get started on the other things I listed here and maybe my mood will have done a 180 before the day's over.

What about you? What are your tried and tested tricks when life gives you more than you can handle?

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