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Monday, October 13, 2014
Blogapalooza 2014 happened on a Saturday, October 11, 2014. It wasn't scheduled to start until 10am, but knowing how bad traffic could get on Saturdays, I left our house at exactly 8am. Well. Surprisingly, the route that the fx driver took was completely traffic-free, so I was already in SM Aura at 9am.

Starbucks was still closed, so I had no other choice but to hang out at Paul Maison De Qualite since it was the only establishment open that early. I decided to have brunch and ordered a plate of their Omelette Complete and a cup of decaf black coffee. Yeah, that's me for you. Haha!

As soon as my friend Donna of Honey's Haven arrived, we headed upstairs to the SMX Convention Center to join in on this year's Blogapalooza.

It was my first time attending a big event for bloggers, and I gotta say that Blogapalooza did not fail to impress. There were lots of sponsors and attendees, and there was a band too! My friend Donna and I were one of the early birds because we had to leave by 2pm, so we were not able to enjoy some of the other booths that opened a bit late.

I think we were able to go through pretty much all of the booths that were already open while we were there, but let me highlight the ones that I enjoyed the most.

1. Sample Room

I absolutely loved Sample Room's booth! It was so prettily done in white and pink and it was totally dainty!

Sample Room is a website where you can "buy" samples of products using points. I love the concept, because it lets us test new products before we buy full-sized products at the regular retail price. If you want to find out more about how it works, you can go to Sample Room's website, or simply click this link.

2. Flawless

If you haven't already noticed, I'm a sucker for anything pink. So when I saw this Pop-A-Zit game, I knew I just had to drop by their booth.

Because I was able to "pop a zit" using a dart (In one try! Haha!), I got a Flawless loot bag and a voucher that gives me a 20% discount on facials and/or shape and sculpt if I visit one of their branches with a friend. Who wants to join me?

You can check out their website to learn more about their services and products. You can also find a list of their branches on the website.

3. Imagine Nation

Imagine Nation had an adorable booth too. They had a makeshift hot air balloon where you could pose and have your photo taken. Right after my friend and I had ours taken, the Maxicare Bear dropped by and posed for a photo. He looked totally adorable!

It just occurred to me that our photo was taken by Imagine Nation's photographer and I couldn't find a soft copy anywhere. I wish I was able to have someone shoot us using my camera. Hehe!

4. Henry's Professional

So it's said that Henry's Professional is the place to go if you want to get a new camera at the best possible price. We had fun posing at their Instax corner and we immediately fell in love with how cute the Instax cameras were.

I'm thinking of selling my bulky DSLR and getting a more handy camera that takes SLR-quality photos. As soon as I have enough money set aside for a new camera, I'm going to head over to Henry's.

They have branches in Glorietta, Quiapo, Trinoma, Ayala Cebu, and a new branch in Hidalgo Quiapo. If you have inquiries, you can send them an e-mail at

5. Ace Water Spa

Ace isn't just a water spa anymore. They now have a hotel too, and that makes it an even better venue for a weekend staycation. 

They have ongoing promos for the upcoming holidays, so you might want to check out their website. I personally cannot wait to experience a day of relaxation with them!

6. Canon

I'm glad that I decided to leave my SLR at home on the day of the event. It was just too bulky and it was too much hassle to lug it with me, since I just commuted that day. Instead, I brought my trusty Canon D10 with me. It's old, but it still gets the job done.

The folks at the Canon booth saw my D10 and I got a cool journal out of it. Hehe! My friend and I also got a souvenir photo from their photo booth.

Feel free to visit for information on all of their cool new cameras.

7. Chooks to Go

If there was one booth that I absolutely enjoyed, it was Chooks'. My friend (for some reason) was able to convince me to play their game so that we could get either a Chooks t-shirt or an umbrella.

We looked totally ridiculous while playing, but I gotta admit. I really did have fun. Haha! Plus I got a t-shirt out of it, so it wasn't all that bad. It would've been great if we got a whole roasted chicken though. Their chickens are yummy, and we were famished after the game. Haha!

That about wraps up the list of Top 7 booths that I enjoyed last Saturday. Aside from all the games, giveaways, and photobooths, I also went home with quite a few freebies. The freebies and all the media kits weren't exactly lightweight, but hey, the experience was a whole lotta fun and who's to complain when sponsors were happily giving freebies left and right?

I was dead tired by the time The Memet picked me up that afternoon, but my eyes were still shining with excitement. 

I can't wait to blog about some of the products that I was able to bring home with me! Watch out for them in the next few days.

Kudos to the organizers of this year's Blogapalooza. It was a huge success, and I hope I get invited to the next one again. Hehe! If I do get invited next year, I'll make sure to have mobile data so that I can join some of the other games with better prizes. I'll also make sure to bring calling cards. Hahaha!

Again, thanks for having me, Blogapalooza 2014! Till next time!

(Striped Top by Unica Hija; Black Shorts by Papaya for Surplus PH; Camel Fold-Up Flats & Black Bag by The Memet Shop)


  1. Aww.. It's nice to know na na-enjoy mo cya tlg :) super sakit ng paa ko pgdting ko ng bhay. Hehe! :P

    1. I did! I can't wait to attend more events. Hehehe! Dude, sign yan na kelangan mo ng more more exercise. Haha! :p


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