DPOP's 1st Professional Blogging Summit

Monday, October 20, 2014
It looks like my activities as a full-fledged blogger all kicked off in the last quarter of this year, all thanks to my good friend Donna of Honey's Haven. She was the one who all but dragged me to start attending these events. Haha! And I'm glad that she did, because I'm starting to learn a lot of helpful things.

DPOP or Digital Pop had its first ever Professional Blogging Summit last Saturday, October 18, at A.Venue Mall in Makati. I feel blessed to have been part of it. DPOP is the brain-child of Janette Toral and Jeoff Solas, two of the most influential people in the world of bloggers.

The venue was perfect. It lent a casual air to the event, so it helped make it easier to be casual with the other participants. :)

The guest speakers that day were Azrael Coladilla, Ross del Rosario, JayL Aquino, Seph Cham, Jeoff Solas, and Sai Montes.

I wasn't able to take a whole lot of photos of the speakers, because my seat didn't have the best view in the house (i.e. small me, big guy in front of me). Hehe! Next time, I'm definitely sitting up front.

So. Let me share with you some of the key "take-aways" that I learned from the speakers that day:

1. Collaborate with Other Bloggers. I don't know why I never thought of this. Well, maybe one of the biggest reasons is that I'm a very shy person. Haha! But yes, it makes sense. Not only does it make projects a whole lot more fun. It also makes it easier to get invites. Time to come out of my shell! Who wants to collab with me? XD

2. Be Visible. Again, it makes sense. (That's why the speakers were invited. Because they're the SMEs. Hehe!) It's easier to blog about the latest happenings, the latest trends, the latest food joints, if you're out there. I must make a mental note to always attend bazaars and such. I'm not gonna get anywhere if I'm always holed up at home. Haha!

3. Take Good Quality Photos. Lots of people are very visual. I actually know a couple of people who only look at the pictures in books and magazines. I'm serious. you probably know a couple too! So anyway, yes, it's important to take good quality photos. I'm definitely going to attend basic photography workshops now!

4. Do Your Homework. There is nothing worse than showing up for events without knowing at least a little of your host's background. It's essential to find out what they're about, because getting invited to events is like getting invited to their home. Knowledge is power.

5. Get to Know the PR People Who Send You Invites. This here is very important. It's one of the keys to getting repeat invites. Again, makes sense. Right?

Those were just five of the many helpful tips that the speakers shared with us during the summit. I can't wait to practice everything that I learned.

Thank you so much to DPOP for coming up with the Professional Blogging Summit. Because of you and the speakers, I'm now an even more inspired blogger. And thank you too, because I met new blogger friends at your event. :)

Also, thanks to Liberating Jepoy, A. Venue Mall, Island Rose, ProFriends, and Salad Box for making the event possible.

Well, what are you waiting for? Let's get blogging!


  1. Thank you Dianne for taking part. :)

    1. Thank you so much din po for the wonderful opportunity, Ms. Janette! :)


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