The Work-At-Home Weekend Expo 2014

Thursday, October 30, 2014
Last Saturday, October 25, I braved the heavy morning traffic from Rizal to Makati and arrived 30 minutes after the start of the first talk that I wanted to attended. I still went in anyway and I'm glad I did, because I still learned several important things during the last fifteen minutes of 'Business Ideation: Profitable Business Ideas' by Jeff Cua.

Before I go on and on about my experience at this year's WAH Weekend Expo, let me just give you an overview:

You can visit this link for a list of all the topics that were discussed by the many inspiring speakers that day.

As for me, here are the talks that I decided to attend that day, as well as some of my key takeaways:

Business Ideation: Profitable Business Ideas by Jeff Cua

In the 15 short minutes that I was there, I learned that it is important to observe. One must raise his or her antenna in order to learn about awesome business opportunities. I also found out that the business page on local newspapers is a great place to look. (Note to self: Start regularly buying newspapers) Mr. Cua also presented a list of the most profitable business these days. Obviously, food and retail were included in the list.

How to Get (And Keep!) Your Freelance Writing Jobs by Tina Rodriguez 

I personally prefer editing and proofreading over writing, but Ms. Rodriguez's talk inspired me to get back to writing. I love how she emphasized the importance of just going for it whenever you think you're qualified for a writing job. Being brave is key in getting the much-needed opportunities in writing. Without courage, you won't go places.

***I actually took photos of Ms. Rodriguez while she was presenting, but I can't get a copy because it's in my Canon D10 and it's acting up right now. I can't retrieve the photos. Such a shame, because Ms. Rodriguez was very lively, entertaining, and inspiring. I like to think that some of the photos I took were able to capture that.

Money Smarts: Beginner Level Investing and Personal Finance by Fitz Villafuerte

This was one of the talks that I loved to bits. I never would've thought that a talk on investments and money could be so entertaining and so easy to understand. Mr. Villafuerte shared a lot of his experiences and true to life examples and it helped pave the way for a clearer understanding of what to do to gain financial freedom. I loved his talk so much, that I went and bought his book afterwards. Haha! I wish I  had free time right now so that I can finally finish reading it, because some of my friends are already lining up to borrow it. Haha!

My copy has a dedication. Cool, eh? If you want to get your own copy, you can visit

Retailing Business: Branding and Word of Mouth from C2C by Bam Besa

This talk was pretty helpful, because I have a small online shop on Facebook. One of the few things that I learned from Ms. Besa was the importance of keeping your returning customers happy and always saying 'thank you'.

Be a Photo Editor: Basic Photo Editing and Photography Jobs by Kimberley Timbol-Reyes

I've been an amateur photographer for the longest time, and I love taking photos so I thought I'd attend this talk. Some of the editing tips and tricks that they taught us were great, but I wish they had more time to show us the ropes properly. But then again, the time slot given to Ms. Timbol-Reyes was only 45 minutes, and well, photography (especially editing) needs more than 45 minutes. Hehe! In the short time that they were there though, I did learn quite a lot.

Aside from all the enriching topics that were available for the attendees, there was also a bazaar that featured home-based businesses. There were a lot of booths for mommies and babies, crafting, and there were also booths where work from home gals could look for jobs. Of course, there was a lot of food.

Here are some pictures from the booths that caught my eye:

1. Artist Madhouse

I tried my hand at some art by drawing 10-year old me on a finger puppet. I'm not sure I succeeded, but it was fun. Haha!

They have an upcoming workshop on Expressive Art Meditation on Nov. 8. It's going to be held in Antipolo which is so close to where I live. I badly want to attend, but I just found out that I have something scheduled on that day.

If you're interested, you can check out their website: They have other upcoming workshops too, so don't forget to check out the schedules.

2. Bebeng's Kitchen

What initially attracted me to this booth was the pretty set-up. It doesn't have to be pink. As long as it's pretty, you've got  me. Haha! I got a bottle of their Chili Garlic Sauce for The Memet and, well, we both loved it! And I'm a sucker for glass jars/bottles, so it was like hitting two birds with one stone for me. Haha!

You should definitely check out their products. Here's their Facebook page:

3. Paper & Bows

This here was was another pretty booth. The 3D letters were what drew me in first, but then they also had all these cute paper products. Do check out their Facebook page:

4. Photomark

Of course, what event doesn't have a photo booth these days? I had a lot of fun at Photomark's photo booth. The photographer was friendly (Hi sis!) and she was able to convince mo to pose for photos. The guy who did the editing (Hi kuya!) was friendly too, so I ended up getting 4 prints. Hahaha!

You can check out their Facebook page: They already uploaded the pictures from the weekend expo. :)


Before I end this post, I'd like to thank the Manila Workshops team and the WAHMderful Life Community for coming up with such a great event. I feel so much more inspired to continue working from home and I have a feeling that I'll have a solid support group when The Memet and I finally get our little bundle of joy.

Thank you, and I'm looking forward to attending more of your events! :)

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