Crazy Over Beeffalo

Tuesday, November 18, 2014
The first time I was in Beeffalo, I was with a huge group of friends and we had lots of food, but I only had my cellphone with me so all the photos that I took were grainy. After I got my new camera (Woot!) I went back to Beeffalo with my parents and had lunch with them there - I also wanted them to experience the place.

Here are some of the grainy yet decent photos from the first time. Haha! It was October, so they had Halloween decorations all over the place. Pretty cool!

I love this Vespa that's inside their restaurant. It's not a Halloween decoration. It's a permanent fixture inside - I think. Haha!

It was pretty dark inside because my huge group and I sat in a corner, so I won't share photos of the food from my first visit. They're not exactly what you'd call blog worthy. Haha!

Instead, I'll share with you the food that my parents and I had during my second visit at Beeffalo. Because there were only three of us, we didn't get to order a lot, so you'll only see a couple of pictures here. I know, I know.

But before that, let me tell you a quick story about my lunch date there with my parents. *wink*

Beeffalo is in a seemingly lonely spot along Gil Fernando Ave., in Marikina. It doesn't have any immediate neighbors. But when my parents and I went there for lunch last week, there were A LOT of cars lined up on the sides of the road and I was like, "Oh no! Is that their lunch crowd?!" I thought we'd have to battle for parking, but as we continued to approach Beeffalo, we realized that their parking area was actually pretty much empty. Only two tables were occupied when we stepped in. Whew! All those cars outside? They were lined up to get their cars fixed at a nearby garage. Haha!

We were pretty hungry when we got there, so here's what we ordered:

Margherita Biscuit Pizza - P145

The pizza was super thin. It was cheesy and absolutely yummy! Don't let it get cold though. It'll taste okay, but it won't taste as good as it does when eaten hot.

Baby Back Ribs (Single w/ Java Rice) - P270

My dad ordered the Baby Back Ribs. He was eager to dive in because it looked absolutely enticing. And sure enough, it was really good. He even tapped me to look at his ribs so that he could show me how the meat separated from the bones easily.

Pork Liempo (with Java Rice) - P175

My mom loves Filipino food, so she immediately singled out the Pork Liempo from the menu. It was good - although a bit fatty.

Breakfast Steak (125g) - P180

My Breakfast Steak came with a fried egg, but my dermatologist has me on a no chicken/egg/seafood diet, so my mom asked the waiter to scramble the egg instead and put it on a separate plate. The waiter agreed, but the egg was still fried sunny-side up and on my plate when our orders were brought to our table. Oh well. The mashed potato and vegetables with balsamic vinegar were pretty good. The steak on my plate wasn't so bad. It was a bit dry on the inside, but it tasted good. I wish it was juicier though.

Cucumber Lemonade - P60

My mom and I ordered a glass of Cucumber Lemonade while my dad had water. But he ended up taking sips of our Cucumber Lemonade too. Haha! It's like your traditional lemonade, but not very sour. It had a hint of cucumber in it which made it all the more refreshing.

The first time I ate at Beeffalo, I was hesitant to try the Cucumber Lemonade, so the waiter offered me a sample. You'd think the sample would be a tiny sip from a small glass, but he brought me this:

The sample was 3/4 full. Generous much? Haha!

Anyway, you should try it too when you decide to visit Beeffalo.

Overall, I'd say Beeffalo is a great restaurant that's worth coming back to. They serve good food at reasonable prices, and the place is just charming! There are trees outside and the street that they're on is hardly ever congested. The place feels fresh and relaxing. Definitely worth a visit.

(Dress by The Bonenica Shop; Bag and Shoes by The Memet Shop)

Beeffalo by Hotrocks - Marikina
Blk 6 L3 Gil Fernando Ave. Sto. Niño, Marikina City

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