Nikon School's Basic Photography 101

Friday, November 28, 2014
After I sold my Nikon D40, I won a pass to Nikon School's Basic Photography 101 with the awesome sir Ricky Ladia. How ironic is that? Haha! When I found out that I got a pass, I looked at my Fuji camera and asked if non-Nikon users could attend the workshop. I got the nod, so I made my way to The Residences in Greenbelt last Saturday (11.22.2014).

Sir Ricky discussed the parts of the DSLR (I didn't realize there were soooo many!), exposure, ISO, shutter speed, aperture, histogram, white balance, composition... Everything! Haha!

It was a bit overwhelming and intimidating, but Sir Ricky made the discussion light and fun. I wanted to take a lot of photos at the workshop, but I was kinda embarrassed to raise my Fuji camera at a Nikon sponsored workshop. I was sitting in front! Haha!

I won't bore you with the technical stuff that I wrote down in my notebook, so I'll just show you photos from the workshop instead. Here are a couple that I grabbed from Nikon's Facebook Page:

Photo Courtesy of Nikon Philippines (

Photo Courtesy of Nikon Philippines (

We were a big group, and we even had a few marines with us. How cool is that? It would've been fun if we had time to go out and do some practice shooting, but oh well. Our workshop was only from 1-5pm, and we needed an entire day for the workshop to include some hands-on activities. So because of the limited time, Sir Ricky gave us an assignment instead. We're supposed to take pictures using the techniques that he taught us that day. I wonder if my "classmates" already worked on their pictures? I actually forgot about that. LOL. Must work on it soon.

I wasn't expecting anything, but we were given some freebies (a cap, a Nat-Geo bag tag, and a lanyard), a notebook and pen so that we could take notes, and we were given snacks c/o McDonald's. The snack was perfect, because I didn't get to eat lunch before heading to the workshop. Haha!

When the workshop was over, we were given certificates and then we had our picture taken. Kinda like a class picture.

Photo Courtesy of Nikon Philippines (

Nikon Training Room
Unit 3, The Residences
Paseo de Roxas, Makati City


  1. Woooowww!!! Naexcite naman ako!!! Mag eenroll ako mamaya pero this time whole day na ang workshop nila. Thank you sa pag post nito regardless kung 2 years ago pa ito. LOL


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