Dinner Date at Cafe Avelino's

Monday, December 01, 2014
It took The Memet a while to fetch me after one of the events that I attended last month so I was already hungry again by the time he picked me up. We didn't want to eat anywhere too expensive, but we didn't have anything in mind yet. Fast forward nearly an hour later (and after tons of traffic), we ended up in Tiendesitas.

It's been a while since Tiendesitas started renovating, so we decided to go there and check out the newly renovated (and newly airconditioned) spaces while looking for a place to eat. After cooing at the puppies over at Pet Village, we somehow ended up in the Fashion Village. We just wandered around, looking at clothes and the price tags (prices were mostly pocket friendly!), when we unexpectedly found a small cafe at the far end of Fashion Village.

There weren't a lot of people (Yey!) so we grabbed a table and asked for a menu.

As you can see for yourself, the prices on their menu were mostly pocket friendly. But we didn't know what to order, so we asked the waiter what their yummiest food on the menu was, and he suggested the Beef Teriyaki Pasta. It sounded awesome, so we ordered two plates of that plus a bacon and cheese sandwich.

We're on a diet (well, The Memet is), so we just ordered a bottle of water and Sola (Raspberry) for our drinks.

This is hungry me while waiting for our orders. Hehe!

The Beef Teriyaki Pasta (P180) was really yummy! It didn't look like a very complicated dish (but then I don't know how to cook). It looked like it was just drizzled with olive oil and mixed with beef teriyaki. But darn, I assure you, it was really good. The Memet hasn't stopped bugging to take him back to Avelino's so that he can order it again. Haha!

The Bacon and Cheese Sandwich (P150) was just okay. It had some veggies in it, which was great, but I guess I was expecting more bacon and cheese. I ended up deconstructing it and eating it like a salad. Haha!

If you want to check out Cafe Avelino's, I'd suggest you try out their Beef Teriyaki Pasta. If you aren't on a diet, do try out their specialty coffee. Hehehe! And don't be afraid to ask their waiters for their suggestions whenever dining at an unfamiliar cafe or restaurant. :)

Cafe Avelino's
Fashion Village, Tiendesitas
Silver City, Brgy. Ugong, Pasig

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