Salad Box's First Ever Beauty Fair

Friday, December 05, 2014
I attended Salad Box's Beauty Fair at A. Venue Mall in Makati last weekend and look! I was an early bird again! Hehe!

I seriously don't know how not to be an early bird. Well, yeah, sometimes I'm late. But if I don't have back to back events, I always leave early. Especially during holiday season because traffic is just horrible.

Anyway, back to Salad Box. Salad Box is a "monthly mystery box subscription service". The fee is P500 per box, but you get more than you pay for with every box that you receive. You can choose to subscribe monthly, semi-annually, or you can pay for a year's subscription. For more details on Salad Box, you can check out their website.

At the event, they had different kikay booths where you could try out the products and even get makeovers! It was pretty cool! Check out the booths that were there:

Two blogger friends decided to go for a makeover and boy did I envy them a lot! I wanted to get a makeover, but my dermatologist would probably smack me in the head if I did that. Haha! My skin's still recovering from my recent breakout and piling on a whole lotta makeup on my face isn't exactly allowed yet.

There were also talks / presentations from some of the brands that were there that day. The one that I was able to attend was by Cream Silk. Style + Travel Blogger Patricia Prieto was Cream Silk's brand ambassador that day and she talked about the different kinds of hairstyles that would go best with different occasions.

Oh, and guess what? I got a free loot bag (they were out of boxes when it was my turn) from the MYOS (Make Your Own Saladbox) "booth" before I went home! It was a long table filled with goodies and I was allowed to pick six items for my loot bag. Woot! Here are just some of the products that were there for our picking:

I didn't want to try anything new on my face because my treatment's going so well. I was happy that there were other non-face products there, so I loaded up on those. Haha! Want to see the contents of my loot bag?

Pretty neat, huh? I especially love the GCs and Bikini Voucher from LayBare. I can't wait to use them! I'm already a Cream Silk user and I'm almost out of conditioner, so I'm glad I was able to get a full-sized bottle for free! Haha! I haven't tested the Regatta lip balms yet, but they look promising. Of course, I had to get the apple and chocolate flavored ones! I went a bit on the wild side with the Flawless Skin Protect Gel. Hehehe! I hope it doesn't break me out.

Anyway, do check out Salad Box. FB page and their website's listed below. :)

Salad Box


  1. wow mukhang masaya! may bayad ba ung entrance nyan

    1. Yes sis, it was a lot of fun! Mas masaya if you bring your barkada with you. Hehe! Free entrance sya. :) They'll have another one next year, but they have other events coming up din. Check out their FB page for updates: :)

  2. I've been meaning to subscribe on this monthly box thingy. Kaso I am torn which to choose. Hahaha! You sure had fun. I got kilig when I saw you met patrish. :) I love her blog.

    1. Subscribing to monthly beauty boxes is fun sis, especially if you're into trying out different beauty products. You should try Saladbox. They have regular promos. ^_^

      Yes sis! She's so pretty, and super nice! :)


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