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Friday, February 27, 2015
On our first night in Baler, The Memet and I went for a stroll on the boardwalk to check out what the "night life" was like in the area. The boardwalk was a bit dark and the area was mostly quiet, save for the sound of the crashing waves.

On our way back to Costa Pacifica, we noticed a brightly lit restaurant and decided to head in for dinner.

Hungry Surfer is located at the back of Bay's Inn, facing the ocean. Well, you can't really see the ocean at night, but it's there. Haha!

Bay's Inn is right next to Costa Pacifica.

The place was abuzz with tourists, most of them foreigners. Majority of the people there actually looked like surfers, so The Memet and I felt a tad-bit out of place. Haha! Kidding.

We asked for a menu and these are what we ordered:

Crispy Squid Head - P140

This plate of Crispy Squid Head was our appetizer. It might not look very appetizing, but I'm telling you, it was really, really good. I'm not much of a squid head lover, but I really fell for this. An absolute must-try.

And now, I want to go back to Baler just to have another plate. Haha!

Spicy Seafood Pasta - P150

This was The Memet's main dish. It had shrimp, so I couldn't sample it, but he seemed to enjoy it a great deal. It was gone in a few minutes.

Manager Pizza (Regular) - P260

Ordering this pizza was a mistake. I just couldn't finish it. Haha! I thought it was going to be an ultra thin-crust deal, but it wasn't as thin as I expected. It's heavy with toppings and it was absolutely filling. There was something about the sauce on top of it that gave it a strong flavor (kinda garlicky, I think?), so after a few slices, I was done.

Their regular sized pizza's better for sharing.

Buko Shake - P80

Watermelon Shake - P80

We loved the shakes, because they were made from fresh fruits - not the powder kind.

Overall, we enjoyed our dinner at Hungry Surfer. For me, the highlight of our meal was the plate of Crispy Squid Head. Obviously. Haha!

If you're a big group, they have Group Meals that range from P900 - P3500 (5pax to 10pax). Quite a good deal if you ask me.

If you find yourself in Baler, please don't forget to check out Hungry Surfer. If you get to try their Crispy Squid Head or if you've already tried it, please leave a comment and tell me if it's as good as I remember. Haha! (Can't get over it.)


  1. Hi Diannne, seriously thinking of heading to Baler with my girl friends. We will check out this place! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Juvy! You're welcome!

      Oh! I'm sure you and your girl friends will have fun in Baler. ^_^ I've a few more Baler posts coming up. Do watch out for those. Hehe! ;)


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