Baler's Beautiful Dicasalarin Cove

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Look at that photo. Doesn't it look like the gateway to paradise?

Paradise. That was the first thing that I definitely thought when we set foot on Dicasalarin Cove. Want to read more about our experience? I'll tell you all about it after the jump. :)

Dicasalarin Cove is around 20-30 minutes away from Costa Pacifica.

To be able to enter Dicasalarin Cove, you'll need a pass. You can get one from the hotel's front desk whether you're a hotel guest or not. If you're a hotel guest, the pass is only P100 per head. I believe it costs around P300 per head for non-hotel guests.

When I said that Dicasalarin Cove deserved its own blog post, I wasn't kidding. You see, the cove isn't the only attraction in the area.

View from the entrance.

1. Artists' Village

After showing our passes at the entrance, we drove down a single lane road that wound through the side of a mountain. I thought we were heading straight down to the cove, but we made a quick stop at a quaint little village first.

Our guide called it the Artists' Village with no artists. Haha!

The small village had this prominent structure that housed a lot of artwork made by local artists.

There were no other people in the area, so we had the entire place to ourselves.

Isn't that bed just absolutely stunning? And that backdrop of pure green. Sigh...

2. Dicasalarin Cove

After wandering through the small village, we made our way to the cove itself. We also had the cove to ourselves, so the experience was a bit surreal. I kinda felt like we stepped into an alternate universe - a breathtaking one.

The waves at the cove weren't exactly gentle so, folks, beware of strong undercurrents. I'm not a strong swimmer, and The Memet's knee was injured, so we didn't go for a dip. We did take the time to enjoy the view though.

3. Baler Light House

After soaking in the beauty of the mighty Pacific, we decided to head up to the light house so that we could look at the ocean from a different vantage point.

With 170 steps to the top, it took us a while (a long while) to get to the lighthouse. Haha! But, oh, the view was spectacular.

There weren't any railings to shield people from the edge of the cliff, so be careful if you do decide to go up to the lighthouse.

Sure, there were blue ropes, but they're only there to let you know that you're near the edge. They won't really protect you from falling off the cliff...


Here's an up-close look at the lighthouse.

It doesn't look like a traditional lighthouse. Actually, it looks more like a beacon or a reflector than a lighthouse. The shape reminds me of an origami too! Hehe.

We enjoyed our trek back to our car because it was all downhill from there. Read: Not much effort involved. Hahaha!

Our guide was on full paparazzo mode and kept on snapping our photos while The Memet and I were completely immersed in our own little world.

There was a small river that emptied out into the ocean and we absolutely loved its cold water! It was so refreshing that we walked back and forth through it several times. Haha!

Yes, we still like to walk hand-in-hand. *grin*

4. PAG-ASA Weather Station

After enjoying Dicasalarin Cove, we headed up to Baler's Weather Radar Station to check out the facilities.

We were allowed to climb to the roof for 10 minutes to check out the view. They only gave us 10 minutes because the radar was going to go off again after that.

No one could tell me what made that huge dent on the radar. Hmmm.

I didn't know it was possible, but the view of Dicasalarin Cove was even better from the weather station! Just look at that beauty.

5. Hanging Bridge

Before we headed back to our hotel, our guide decided to take us to the hanging bridge. I was expecting a flimsy hanging bridge, but this one was sturdy and I wasn't afraid to step on it at all. Haha!

We weren't alone on the bridge, but it didn't prove to be a problem because it was big enough. We hung around for a few minutes and marveled at the tranquility of Baler.

So there you have it!

If you haven't been to Baler yet, you definitely have to go there. They have just about everything: mountains, waterfalls, rivers, ocean... Everything!

If you want to avoid crowds, try visiting Baler on a January just like we did. Personally, we like traveling during off-peak months because we get to enjoy new places more that way. Sometimes, things are cheaper during off-peak season too.

Something to think about, yes? :)


  1. ang sarap naman ng vacation... belated happy anniversary sa inyong dalawa :)

  2. Now I really want to go! Seems like a lot of stuff to do and see over there.

    1. You should! It's a beautiful place. If you're traveling by land though, it might take 6-8 hrs per way, so to fully enjoy the place, it'd be best if you stay there for at least a week. :)

  3. Why wasn't the weather like that back in February?! I will definitely go back to Baler, this time I'll make sure the sun is really shining! I'd love to take cool photos like that too! When we went there, low pressure also tagged along with us.. we weren't able to tour around.. Great post! :)

    1. Awww. Too bad about that low pressure. :( Did it bring big waves though?

      We were there late January. Hehe! How many days were you there? 3 days and 2 nights was so bitin! I want to go back and stay there for a week. Hehe!

  4. Now I'm more eager to plan our Baler trip for this summer with my friends.

  5. Definitely a plus that there were no people with you guys. You got to enjoy those places on your own. Very nice. I love the shots. I'd give the guide 1k just for those shots.

  6. Belated Happy Anniversary, lovebirds! Baler is a place we wanted to visit the first time we arrived here. And still, we haven't visited the place! LOL... Now, I am convinced. We shall plan soon. ;)

    Ps. I miss you hhehehe. and clearly, your photos are enticing!

  7. Wooow jaw dropping scenes :-O Defintely I'm going there. :-)

  8. Hi Diane, can you share where can you meet tour guides to Dicasalarin? And how much would it cost? Thanks!

    1. Hi! Our tour guide fee was P1500 for the whole day. But the rate's different if you'll also be renting a vehicle. You can get more details in my other blog post:


  9. Hi Dianne,
    Nice review. Can i ask how much did you rent your van with the tour guide?
    Thank you.

    1. Hi! The tour guide's fee was P1500 for the entire day. We used our own vehicle. :)

  10. Hello po. We will be having our prenup shoot at lighthouse. Meron po bang fee or do we have contacts po ba ng lighthouse so that we can tell them in advance that we will conduct our photoshoot for prenup in that area.? TIA


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