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Wednesday, February 04, 2015
The Memet and I like to celebrate our wedding anniversary by traveling to new places. So far, we've only been going to places within the Philippines, because there are just so many to visit! This year, we decided to go to Baler.

Booking a resort/hotel in Baler was a no-brainer for me. After a quick scroll through Agoda's Baler offerings, I immediately zeroed in on Costa Pacifica. Costa Pacifica is a fairly new hotel - it turned one (1) year old last August.

Seeing as we were on a somewhat tight budget (house construction is still ongoing - it's taking forever), I went for the cheapest room that they had. Through Agoda, I was able to book a two night stay for only P7,335 ($168), inclusive of breakfast.

Traveling to Baler felt like forever (I'll make a separate blog post for that), but it all paid off when we finally set foot on Costa Pacifica.

Their lobby was grand...

But the view from their reception area?

Totally amazing:

We got there a bit early, so while our room was being prepared, The Memet and I had lunch first. Not long after, one of the staff approached us and informed us that our room was ready.

The room that we got was in Casa de Bahia. It's a building across the hotel's lobby, just a spitting distance from their parking area.

Here's a shot of Casa de Bahia at night:

And here's the view from our 2nd floor room's balcony:

On the ground floor of Casa de Bahia, you can find an Art Gallery where you can actually buy paintings, a gym, and a few areas ideal for lounging with your companions.

Ready for the room? Remember, I got the cheapest room I could find. Haha!

Pretty, right? It's spare, but all the white actually added to the beach vibe. And that bed? Super comfy. There's a small but adequate flat screen TV across from the bed, as well as a small fridge.

The bathroom was a bit on the small side, but it was done so that the small space was maximized. Here, I did my best to take pictures of the bathroom.

The bathroom came with the standard set of toiletries, but I was happy that theirs was mostly eco-friendly. Smelled nice too. :)

As if the pretty room wasn't enough, we got another pleasant surprise. Every afternoon, around 5pm, housekeeping went around all the rooms and brought complimentary snacks. The first time they knocked at our bedroom door, I was like, "Housekeeping? This late?" Haha!

This was the first complimentary snack that we got:

We were out all day on day 2, but they left this inside our room anyway:

Isn't that just sweet?

Their breakfast fare was also a pleasant experience each time because of the generous spread every morning. That, plus the fabulous view of the ocean and some mountains.

For approximately P4,000 (rounded up) per night, I'd say we got more than our money's worth. So, if we were to go back to Baler anytime in the near future, we're definitely going to stay in Costa Pacifica again and I would suggest you do the same. :)

TIP: If you're traveling to Baler in December to January, make sure to bring a warm cover up for the beach. The temperature starts to drop around late afternoon until evening.

Costa Pacifica Baler
80 Buton St. Sitio Labasin, Sabang Beach
Baler, Aurora, Philippines
Twitter: @CostaPacificaPH


  1. The hotel looks really nice! Will book here if I ever comeback to Baler

    1. It's a great hotel! Hehe. Plus, they serve good food. You should really stay at Costa Pacifica when you go back to Baler. :)

  2. We will be in Baler this coming march.. :) Everyday ba yung buffet breakfast or everyweekends lang?? Hehehe

    1. HI abigail!
      Breakfast is served on buffet style everyday mon-sun. :)

    2. Hi sis! Yup. They serve buffet-style breakfast everyday. :)

  3. The hotel is really beautiful! My friends and I stayed in Baler last February.. in a hotel near costa pacifica.. we were in awe while staring at the beautiful facade of costa pacifica.

    1. Ang ganda, right? Hehehe! What I love about it is it's not really that expensive. If they put up a hotel like this in Boracay, their rates are definitely not going to be less than 5K for the cheapest room. Hehe!

  4. Ooohhh it does seem really worthy of going to and booking an overnight stay ... I want!

  5. Wow! Now we're more excited to go to Baler this summer!

  6. Hi Dianne, we're planning to stay here on our 2-day trip to Baler this weekend. We want to go to the Dicasalarin Cove, and visit some falls. However, we still have blank spaces in our itinerary. Any other suggestions we could visit for our 2-day trip? Many Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Frances! The falls + Dicasalarin Cove might actually be enough for your 2-day trip. We didn't get to visit the falls, but from what we were told, they require some trekking. You'll also need to do some walking/climbing at Dicasalarin Cove if you want to go up to the light house. :)

      If you have time to spare, you can visit the biggest & oldest balete tree. There's also the hanging bridge and the PAG-ASA weather station near Dicasalarin Cove. :)

      Also, if no one in your party is injured, don't forget to try surfing! That would've been fun if my hubby wasn't injured when we went there. :)


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