Our Staycation at Eastwood Richmonde Hotel

Tuesday, June 23, 2015
Ever since this year started, The Memet and I have been extremely busy. Along with all the "busy-ness", we've also had to tighten our belts because of all the expenses that came along with our house's construction. Actually, it's still not finished. The house is primarily the reason why we're so busy. We. Need. To. Pay. For. Our. Loans. Hahaha!

It's quite stressful, but we're sure it'll be more than rewarding when we've finally moved and when we're finally debt free. The move will, of course, come first. It's a long and winding road to being debt free (construction loan, I love and hate you), but we'll get there.

Somewhere down the road this year, we remembered that we were also trying to conceive. And stress is a big no-no for TTC couples. So, in an effort to reduce our stress, I booked an overnight stay at Eastwood Richmonde Hotel for us via Agoda.com.

I chose Eastwood Richmonde Hotel because it's practically a stone's throw away from Cainta. Road trips are fun, but when you're stressed and just looking to chill out, the closer the hotel, the better. Hehe!

I got a Superior Room (with Breakfast), and let me tell you, the photos included in Agoda's room listings for Eastwood Richmonde Hotel didn't quite do justice to the place.

The room was bigger than I expected. Haha! It had a living room, a work desk, a separate bedroom, and of course, a bathroom.

There were two TVs. One in the living room, and one in the bedroom. If you want to watch TV while in the bathtub, all you need to do is raise the blinds right next to the tub and you get a full view of the bedroom with the TV. But then the folks in the bedroom will have a full view of you in the bathtub too. Hehehe!

The bathroom was pretty spacious. We found the standard set of toiletries in there, along with a hair dryer, a weighing scale, some towels, and an extra roll of tissue. 

There was no bidet though. (Big pout)

Room Service

The Memet and I were too lazy to get dressed that evening (we enjoyed the lazy feel of lounging around in bath robes all day), so we just had dinner delivered to our room.

Sorry, we dove in as soon as it arrived. I remembered too late that I had to take a photo first. Hehe! *Peace*

Everything we ordered was yummy. The nachos and the tiramisu, I particularly loved. The nachos were still crispy even after an hour, and the tiramisu was heaven on a plate. The two main dishes that we ordered (plus the nachos) had huge servings so we struggled to finish everything. Haha!

Breakfast Buffet

Their breakfast buffet had a modest selection of food perfect for, well... breakfast. There were pancakes, all sorts of bread that I can't even begin to name, some rice, corned beef, and my favorite... BACON! Their bacon was really crunchy and yummy.

Overall, I'd say our vacation in Eastwood Richmonde Hotel was money well spent. Would I go back? Definitely.

After checking out, we chucked our overnight bag in the car and went for a stroll in Eastwood Mall then watched San Andreas in Shangri-La Mall. Before going home, we dropped by our favorite spa in Antipolo for a massage. Haha!

But going back to Eastwood Richmonde Hotel, their details are below if you'd like to book your stay with them too. :)

Eastwood Richmonde Hotel
17 Orchard Rd., Eastwood City
Bagumbayan, QC 1110 PH
E-Mail: erh@richmondehotel.com.ph
Contact No.: (632) 352.7281


  1. Saya naman! :) I am itching for a staycation too!!! Kelan kaya?!!

  2. I've been to Richmonde once for an event and I've been thinking of booking a room for my brother's birthday kaso sawa na sya sa Eastwod dahil dun sya nag wwork haha! He has other plans though.

    Anyway, I'm happy you had time to unwind with the hubby. :)

    PS: why not use your new awesome logo to watermark your photos instead of using text? I know it's more time consuming but branding *wink wink*

  3. I can totally relate to you! We recently moved in to our house, and our expenses shot up big time. We let go of travel plans and settled with spontaneous staycations instead. While we were also trying to conceive (for almost 4 years), we would also try to get away once in a while by having staycations. :) I have been in Richmonde, both in Ortigas and Eastwood. And yeah, I hate the fact that they don't have a bidet! :p

  4. This is awesome!! You are living the life :)

  5. Been into this place years ago. Well, just to visit someone. And this place, apparently, is serving a great one to 'get away' from the city life though I admire the skyline view the most; seeing the eastern side of the Metro and even the MM side-shores of Laguna de Bay

  6. This will be our next staycation place. :-)

  7. The Superior Room has a separate bedroom? Do you think the space is already enough for wedding prep? :)

    1. Hi Angela! Yes, the superior room that we stayed in had a separate bedroom. It looked to be big enough for a small wedding party, but I would still suggest that you do an ocular to be sure. :)


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