Review: Human + Kind Skin Lightening Cream

Wednesday, June 17, 2015
Hello there! As promised, I used Human + Kind's Skin Lightening Cream every day since I last published a blog post, and I'm now ready to write a review. Question is, are you ready? This post is going to be full of pictures of me, so... yeah. You better be ready. Haha!

I still cannot get over how pretty the packaging is. It has almost all of my favorite colors. Hehe!

On the packaging, it says Human + Kind is all about "skincare with a conscience" (I'm all about that!).

Human + Kind's all natural all-in-one skin lightening cream is a daily moisturizer that provides an instant lightening effect and it protects the skin from harmful effects of UV rays and prevents skin dryness. This all-natural cream ensures smooth, evenly luminous and perfect skin. The unique extract of seven Swiss Alpine plants has given proven results. You can use it, comfortably and safely, twice a day and long term. Suitable for all skin types and tones.

Now, on to the product review.

This skin lightening cream by Human + Kind has a texture similar to that of a sunblock. It's creamy, but if you want to successfully apply it without ending up with streaks all over your face, you're better off applying it little by little because it tends to dry quickly into a powdery finish. So yes, unlike sunblock, this one's not sticky at all. The scent is mild and pleasant and left me smiling after application. Hehe!

Here's a bare-faced photo of me with nothing but Human + Kind's skin lightening cream on.

If you look real closely, you can see my pores. Haha! Sorry, I don't know how to use Photoshop. The cream didn't promise to erase my pores - it's a skin lightening cream after all - but it did a wonderful job in giving me a nice glow. Remember, no makeup at all in this photo. It also helped to lightly blur out my pimple marks, so plus points there for Human + Kind.

Here's another picture that shows the side of my face that's currently full of pimple marks.

See? The pimple marks are nicely blurred out. And I haven't even put on foundation yet! ♥

Earlier today, I decided to get myself a little dolled up just for this blog post - even if I have nowhere to go. Hahaha!

On top of Human + Kind's skin lightening cream, I lightly tapped on some powder foundation, I used brow powder on my brows, and put on a little lipstick. And voila! The finished product: a... presentable face. Pardon the pout. Haha! 

The Verdict

So. Would I buy Human + Kind's skin lightening cream in the future? I would say that's a definite yes. Even though it was a bit difficult to spread evenly at first, I quickly learned that a little at a time makes for an even application.

It didn't break me out, and it gives me a nice glow even without the help of a lot of makeup. Plus, it protects from UV rays, AND it's all natural. Skincare with a conscience! It's a win-win all around!

Human + Kind isn't available in the Philippines yet, but you can easily order through They're based in Singapore, so if you have friends or family who live there, you can also ask them to buy from Superberry for you. hehe!

Feel free to check out Superberry's website. They have a lot of natural products and they ship worldwide. Superberry also has a Facebook page and an Instagram account, so feel free to check those out below. ♥


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  1. can this lighten my freckles? I hope this will be available in the Philippines soon.

    1. I'm not sure about freckles sis. I think it can temporarily cover your freckles though. :)

  2. Aww its a nice product :) I enjoy reading your experience

  3. Skincare with a conscience. Superlike. Will find time to try this soon


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