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Tuesday, July 07, 2015
Tony & Jackey

My hair hasn't been a "virgin" since I was in high school. As early as then, I liked getting it colored. But now, I NEED to get it colored because of my pesky white / gray / silver hair. Haha!

Sadly, I don't get to go to a salon to have it trimmed and treated regularly. So yes, my hair's pretty damaged.

Luckily, Tony &  Jackey opened a salon in SM Masinag last May 22nd and last weekend, they hosted a Rizal Media & Bloggers Day Out.

I didn't want to brave the early morning traffic in Imelda Ave. (traffic in Cainta is horrible because of an ongoing DPWH project), so I drove through Valley Golf, exited at their Sumulong, Antipolo gate, and drove down to SM Masinag. Thank God my father in law got us a Valley Golf sticker. Hehe!

Anyway, as soon as I got to T&J Salon, they had me register and then I was whisked away to put on a cool looking robe. Once my robe was on, they washed my hair and applied a keratin treatment.

They applied heat to my hair for around 10-15 minutes to let the keratin treatment seep in, then they washed it off and before I knew it, I was back in my chair getting my hair blow dried.

This is what my hair normally looks like - if I don't brush it. Haha!

Ms. Razel trimmed my hair (yey!) and then she set it with big curls when she was done. The finished product? TA-DA:

Sorry, my face is still the same. Hahaha! :p

This is what the curls looked like from behind. ♥ (Some of my old ombre is still showing.)
My hair felt super soft after the treatment. And one of the things I absolutely loved about the experience? Everyone's hands were surprisingly gentle while they were shampooing, combing, and blow drying my hair. I swear. There was absolutely no hair-tugging or hair-pulling involved. And for that alone, I'm definitely going to go back. Haha!

Speaking of going back, T&J Salon has ongoing promos, so I'm going back next week. *wink* Their promo rates are only good until July 15th, so you better head on over to T&J ASAP!

If you're just looking to get a hair cut, that's fine too. For a hair cut with a Creative Director, you'll only need to shell out P200, while their rate is P300 with a Senior Director.

Before I end this post, I want to share some of our photos from Saturday. We all enjoyed our pampering experience with T&J Salon, and you can see it on our smiles.

Thank you so much, T&J Salon! And thank you for the wonderful treatment, Ms. Razel & Ms. Ana. I'll definitely be back! Hehe.

T&J Salon Masinag
2nd Floor (near escalator)
SM Masinag, Antipolo City
Website: www.tnjsalon.com
Phone No.: 02.470.8209
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tnj.masinag


  1. You look awesome Dianne. I love the curly style on you, sweet and demure... Will drop by and check T&J soon.

  2. Ang saya naman! Ang tagal ko na ding walang make over. :-S

  3. oh wow this is interesting!! I'd like to give this a visit. :)



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