My First Bag of Beans Experience

Monday, August 24, 2015
In my last blog post, I told a brief story of my most recent Tagaytay trip with friends. As promised, here's a quick review of the Bag of Beans branch that we visited two weeks ago.

Bag of Beans

The Bag of Beans branch that we visited seems like a new one, because if my memory serves me right, it's located across from where the old Mano's Greek Taverna used to be.

Bag of Beans Bed &Breakfast (Athena)

We got there close to 8am and as soon as we drove down the steep ramp, we wondered if the place was open for breakfast or not - there were no other cars parked and the place looked empty. But the security guard guided us to a parking space and confirmed that they were already open. Our tummies heaved a sigh of relief.

Upon parking, we unplugged our phones from the car (you'll be surprised how many phones can be charged in a car all at the same time), grabbed our bags, and claimed a table fit for our group.

Once we were settled in, we placed our orders and gabbed away while our breakfast was being cooked.

We had light jackets with us, because we were expecting some semblance of a cold breeze because hello, Tagaytay! But it was actually pretty hot that day. Thank goodness for the trees and plants - they made dining al fresco all the more pleasant.

Here's what my friends and I ordered:

Bag of Beans
Fresh Watermelon Juice - P130

Bag of Beans
Cafe Mocha - P120

Bag of Beans
BoB Cheeseburger - P320

Bag of Beans
Chocolate Chips Pancake - P195

Bag of Beans
Golden Smoked Tinapa - P260

Bag of Beans
Bacon Omelette - P320
Everything was "okay". The servings were generous and the plating were picture worthy. Well except maybe for my bacon omelette. I just couldn't find a good angle! Or maybe it's just me. Hahaha!

The taste was okay (average at best) and the price was a bit expensive. I guess what we really paid for was the ambiance. It would've been better if they had stellar customer service. Sometimes great customer service + great ambiance can ensure your customers leave happy even if the food's average.

The customer service wasn't all that terrible. My only gripe is that our waitress hardly smiled even though we were a jolly bunch. We didn't get a lot of good mornings from the other staff as well. Would've been great if our smiles were returned.

I'd probably still go back to Bag of Beans, but next time, I'm trying other branches to see if their customer service is better. Hehe!

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  1. I'm not familiar with the areas of Tagaytay so I can't be sure which branch you went to. Was it (Athena) near the Rotonda or somewhere along the high-way? It's sad that the customer service wasn't as good as you expected. We had a different experience in Bag of Beans, Mendez Crossing (main branch). You should visit that branch. I'm planning to visit their other branches too so I can compare. Their prices are really quite high and so, customer service is really important.

    1. Hi, Louise! I was just about to reply to your comment on my other blog post. :)

      Yes, coming from the "entrance" to Tagaytay from Manila, it's before the Rotonda, left side of the road. It has a steep ramp going down, similar to the first Starbucks branch you'll spot. It's also along the highway. Hope my directions make sense.

      After reading this blog post, a friend of mine mentioned that she experienced similar customer service at a different branch.

      Thanks for suggesting the main branch. Will definitely try it out next time. And yes, I agree. The items on their menu aren't exactly cheap, so great customer service is expected. :)

  2. Been living in Tagaytay for awhile but still haven't visited this branch. I do love their breakfast though, especially the serving. They aren't too stingy with bacon strips like most places 😏 But Breakfast at Antonio's is my fave breakfast spot, you should try it if you haven't :)

    1. Hi, Erica! I have to agree. Their servings are pretty heavy. Hehe! My friend wasn't able to finish her BoB Cheeseburger. :) True about the bacon strips too! Just wish it was crunchy. Maybe next time I'll tell them I like my bacon crunchy. Haha!

      My next blog post is about Breakfast at Antonio's! We loved it there. :)


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