Tagaytay Day Trip with Friends

Tuesday, August 18, 2015
A few weeks ago, my friends and I headed up to Tagaytay on a manic Monday so we could spend some time with one of our friends who was due to fly back to the US at the end of that week.

With me as the designated driver (imagine that!), we left at 5am and took the C-6 route so that we were in Upper Bicutan in less than an hour. Regular drivers would've made it to Upper Bicutan from Cainta through the C-6 route in maybe 20-30 minutes, but I drive slow when it's dark. You can blame my poor eyesight for that.

We made a quick stop at the first gasoline station along SLEX to fill up on coffee (not on gas) and for a quick pee break. Well, the stop wasn't that quick, because we arrived in Tagaytay just a little before 8am.

We couldn't decide on where to go for breakfast, so I picked out the two places I haven't been to - despite all the times I've already been to Tagaytay:

Here we are picking out our spot at Bag of Beans.

After what seemed like a two-hour breakfast, we headed to Sky Ranch to hang out.

Unfortunately, it was too hot to do anything, so we just decided to hop on the Sky Eye (ferris wheel). The "gondolas" were airconditioned so it was a welcome respite from the heat.

Yeah, I don't know why they call the little "cars" on the ferris wheel gondolas. Is that what they're really called?

So, anyway, it was really hot so after the short (but cool) ride at the Sky Eye, we sought out some shade. Here's a shot of my friends during our mission to find a cool shaded spot:

Uh-huh. We're grown ups. Haha!

At noon, we drove to Breakfast at Antonio's to have lunch. After another two-hour meal, we were too tired for anything else so we decided to start our drive back to Cainta.

Look, here's a picture with me in it!

It was a fun day, but I'm a bit sad that we didn't get to see "the most beautiful Starbucks" in the country. Haha! We planned on going there after lunch, but yeah, being the oldies that we are, we were already too tired and sleepy. LOL!

I'm trying to convince my parents to drive to Tagaytay with me on my next day off (Um... maybe in 2 to 3 weeks? Yeah, I'm that busy.), so I can finally see the Starbucks branch that everyone's been talking about.

I'm going to write separate blog posts about Bag of Beans and Breakfast at Antonio's, so please do watch out for those.

That's it for now. Gotta go face Joomla! Might discuss that too in a different blog post. Hehe!


  1. Looking forward your posts about Bag of Beans and Breakfast at Antonio's. I wanna know which Bag of Beans branch you went to. It looks different from the one we dine-in months back.

    ♥ Louise | www.louisechelleblog.com

  2. Hello, I just want to ask if you know where's the best Tagaytay hotel and resort?

    1. Hi! It depends on what you're after. Do you want a view of the lake, do you want to be surrounded by gardens, or do you want to be by a pool? It also depends on who you'll be traveling with. :)


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