Afternoon Break at Cafe at Sunset

Thursday, September 17, 2015
My "office mate" and I decided to hang out after work earlier today. Since traffic's an ongoing nightmare around Rizal and the Metro these days, we decided Rublou in Brookside's our best bet. It's near her subdivision and well, I live in Brookside. Yey for us!

Note: I said "office mate" because we both work from home and we're both employed by the same company. Hehe!

Anyway, we met up around 4pm, just in time for some afternoon snack. We heard about this new cafe in Rublou so we gave it a visit.

Cafe at Sunset

They were still on "dry run" and I guess they were all busy prepping for the grand opening, so the only things available on the menu were the drinks, sandwiches, and salads.

My friend and I ordered the same thing. Sorry, we both have rather sensitive tummies. Haha!

Sunset Iced Tea - P50

Tuna Melt - P88
The Sunset Iced Tea was great. It wasn't too sweet like some of the iced teas that I dislike. Plus, mason jars are cool. The Tuna Melt on the other hand was a pretty good deal. It came with some fries and a small side salad. Not bad at all for P88!

I checked out their menu and they've got a lot of promising stuff on there. I'm particularly excited about their Tokwa't Pork Belly Sisig. They'll also be serving steaks in the near future!

The food on their menu ranges from P95 - P158 pesos. Nothing too expensive. Even their cold and hot drinks are quite affordable. Their most expensive beverages are the cold ones at P120.

If you have time, Cafe at Sunset's Grand Opening is tomorrow, September 18th (the waiter told me). They'll also start serving cakes, pastries, and waffles tomorrow. Super excited! I hope The Memet will have some free time tomorrow so that we can drop by and visit the place.

I wasn't able to ask for their hours of operation, but I'll update this post once I find out. ♥

Cafe at Sunset
2nd Floor, Rublou Market Place,
Sunset Drive, Brookside Hills Subd.
Cainta, Rizal


  1. Hi, Kim! Do you live in Cainta too? :)

    The Memet and I have been regulars since they opened. Hehe! Our favorites are the pasta salad and the pumpkin soup. What are yours? :D

    1. Yes, I'm from around town. I hang out there with my daughter when she visits my office in Rublou. :) We're rice lovers so our favorite would be their pork BBQ. Super yum! I haven't tried their pasta salad yet though. We usually order the pork BBQ or fish fillet for lunch OR get a huge slice of cake on stressful days. I hope to meet you there some time! I love it when I meet fellow bloggers.

  2. Small world! I chanced upon one of your posts and saw a photo of your husband. Is that Engineer Dan? Tell him regards from F/Insp. Arjay Reyes and Kim. Lol! My husband was deputy of the Bureau of Fire in Cainta a few years back.

    1. Oh my gosh! Small world indeed! (Already added you on Twitter & Instagram. Hehe!)

      Yes, The Memet is Engr. Dan. Haha! He says hello to you guys as well! He also mentioned we've already met in Sta. Lucia once. You were with your dad. :)

      So happy I'm finally getting to know more bloggers from the area!


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