Five Truths About Adult Coloring Books

Thursday, September 10, 2015

I read somewhere that adult coloring books are supposed to help people like me de-stress. Yup, this post goes out to the workaholics, the forever haggard gals like me who are perpetually in search of the ever elusive de-stressing unicorn.

I've had my coloring books for a while. However, I'm not sure if it's working. I don't think I've been at it enough to see any difference. Haha!

Here are a few things I'm sure of though:

1. You Need to Make Time for It. Okay. Duh! Its de-stressing properties won't work if you're too busy to even work on the coloring book. Yeah, reminder to self: Must make time to actually color. LOL!

This is how far I've gotten so far. (But I'm kidding, of course. Hehe!)

2. You'll Need a Lot of Patience. Not all the drawings are easy. Some of them can be quite complicated and if you're impatient like me (just sometimes), you're going to end up skipping a lot of pages. Haha! Hmmm. Maybe I should get me some kiddie coloring books too, for when my patience is non-existent.

3. You're Going to Want to Buy More Coloring Tools. I initially just got the following when I bought my first coloring book:

I still haven't gotten around to using the crayons. The crayons are just no match for some of the teeny-tiny things that need to be filled in. Colored pencils are probably best, but I found they're not as pigmented as I want them to be. Or maybe the ones I got aren't of good quality? I'm not sure. I just got some new coloring pens and more colored pencils, so I'll find out eventually.

And going back to my point, yes, you'll want more coloring tools. Haha! If not, good for you.

4. Don't Forget the Pencil Sharpener. If you're going to get colored pencils for your coloring books, do not forget to pick up a sharpener.

5. They're Not That Hard to Find. For someone like me who practically never leaves the house unless I absolutely have to, finding adult coloring books was initially a challenge. Haha! But when my family and I had dinner at Eastwood about a month ago, I found a whole table of adult coloring books at Fully Booked in Eastwood Mall.

A few months back, these babies weren't widely available online either. But now, more and more Instagram sellers are starting to offer them. I prefer "online shops" that accept Paypal payments though, so I was thrilled when stocked up on the Secret Garden adult coloring book. They're sold out at Grey Area right now, but you can ask them to notify you once it's available again.


  1. Try Faber Castell's Watercolor Pencils. They are more pigmented than usual colored pencils. :)

    1. Hi Ms. Vani! Yes, I actually saw you post photos of your colored pages using Faber Castell. Made me buy a box. Haha! Faber Castell is LOVE. :)

  2. Some studies show that coloring books make adults smarter, I found in a blog post 4 reasons why adult coloring books make you smarter.
    Check it out if you want:


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