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Friday, October 09, 2015
Minced Manila

It was after church on one unassuming Sunday morning that The Memet and I found ourselves on our way to Antipolo, looking for a new breakfast haunt.

I happened to look at the commercial building across from Unciano Medical Center, and although most of the restaurants were still closed (it was 8:30 in the morning), I spotted one that looked like it was open. The Memet immediately drove into their parking area and upon closer inspection, we saw that it was indeed open. So we parked our car and up we went.

Minced Manila

When we got to the second floor, we noticed that there were no diners at Minced Manila yet. I love those instances because I get to take pictures without having to worry about the other diners giving me weird looks. Haha!

Minced Manila has already been open for a few months, but everything inside the place still looked brand spanking new. I love how the tables were set up. Lots of IG opportunities!

Minced Manila

Not long after we were seated, a waitress approached us and gave us two menus. One was their regular menu and the other was their breakfast menu.

I took a picture of both the menus, but the regular has too many menu items (lots of food options!), so posting it here would be useless. You won't be able to read all the tiny texts. Haha! Here's a photo of their breakfast menu though:

Minced Manila

I ordered Longganisa Lucban while The Memet ordered Arroz ala Cubana.

Minced Manila
Longganisa Lucban - P200
The Longganisa Lucban was well-received by my taste buds. It was tasty. Everything on my plate was tasty! There were three small longganisa patties, but because it was so flavorful, even just two small patties would've sufficed. I'm not complaining though. Haha!

I'd also like to add that I don't usually like atsara (definition HERE), but the one that was on my plate was absolutely divine.  To say that I loved my meal would probably be an understatement. My plate was CLEAN.

Minced Manila
Arroz ala Cubana - P195
The Memet, on the other hand, didn't clean out his plate. He's on diet, you see. LOL! I asked him how his Arroz ala Cubana was, and he said it was too sweet. I tasted it (3x. Haha!), and my taste buds liked it. It wasn't too sweet. To me, it was just right. The Memet's just not used to his viand being even remotely sweet.

Our meals each came with a cup of brewed coffee.

Minced Manila

Minced Manila

Aside from the two breakfast meals that we ordered, The Memet also a bowl of Chicken Binakol from their regular menu. He wanted some soup (note the word "some), but what we got was a huge bowl of Chicken Binakol. Haha!

The photo below is quite deceiving, actually. It's bigger than it looks.

Minced Manila
Chicken Binakol - P290
It was the first time I had Chicken Binakol, so the first spoonful was quite an experience for me. After the first sip, I actually had to close my eyes.  It was really good. We couldn't finish the entire bowl though, so we had half of it to go.

Minced Manila

If you have an account with Zomato, you can review Minced Manila right then and there. When you're done with your review, just show it to your waiter and they'll give you a Maja Blanca Panna Cotta!

My app was acting weird that morning, but I didn't give up. I had to re-type my review 3x! Haha! It was well worth it though, because the free panna cotta was yummy!

Minced Manila

Overall, I'd say Minced Manila is a gem that Antipolo City should be proud of. They serve absolutely delish modern Filipino food. Their waiters and waitresses were very warm and attentive, and the place is a breath of fresh air - figuratively speaking.

If you find yourself in Antipolo, Minced Manila is definitely worth a visit.

Minced Manila

Minced Manila
EM Gems Bldg., L. Sumulong
Circumferential Rd., Antipolo City
FB: www.facebook.com/MincedMNL
IG: @MincedMNL

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  1. I do hope more food establishment like this will open near Antipolo Bayan or near Immaculate Church coz we always end up dining on the fastfood malapit dun.



    1. I believe there are a few more along the area. Pero yung ibang alam ko sa Antipolo, mejo malayo na sa bayan.

      Hmmm. A friend has a small place near Antipolo church: Voyager's Burger. Di ko pa napupuntahan though. Have you been?

    2. Hindi pa, pero nabasa ko na rin yun sa ibang blog na taga Antipolo din. Malapit nga ata yun sa simbahan.

    3. Yup! Dun lang sa area na yun. Halos tapat daw yata ng simbahan. :) I'll post a review pag napadaan ako dun. Hehe! :)

    4. We've tried Voyager's Burger last August. 'Twas good! Love the Buffalo Wings! Enjoyed the burger, tho I don't particularly like the hamburger patty. And maybe they could add more burger menus without the added bacon (I don't eat pork). By the way, it's on the side of the church, left side. Forgot the street but you can find it easily tho if you're familiar with the area.

    5. Hi, Melissa! Thank you for sharing your thoughts! Must try their buffalo wings pag napunta ako. :)


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