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Wednesday, March 16, 2016
It's been a few months since Costa Coffee opened in Robinsons Place Antipolo. Actually, I've been there once before when The Memet and I stopped by for a quick bite after church on a Thursday night.

You gotta love the vibe. Red phone booth and all. Costa Coffee is originally from the UK and the cafe proudly exudes that vibe. #LondonStyle

Costa Coffee was our 2nd stop during our Antipolo Food Tour in Robinsons Place Antipolo last Saturday. The afternoon sun was in all its glory when we set foot in the cafe, but the ambiance was vibrant yet relaxed, and the aroma wafting around was inviting.

Ms. Corinne Milagan, Costa Coffee Philippines' General Manager, was there to welcome us.

Ms. Corinne Milagan, General Manager, Costa Coffee Philippines
She graciously answered any questions we had about Costa Coffee and made sure we were stuffed with the best that they had to offer.

I've always been fascinated with espresso machines, and it was to my delight when Ms. Corinne led us to their lean, mean (and shiny!) espresso machine.

She explained that it's custom-built for Costa Coffee. It's highly industrialized so it can be used for making one mean cup of espresso after another. And get this: it's made by the same folks who make the Ferrari. Cool, huh! I guess that explains the beautiful Ferrari red finish? Hehe.

The back of the espresso machine proves it's custom-made for Costa Coffee! ♥
Interested in a glimpse of the food that Costa Coffee has to offer? Yes, they serve sandwiches, salads, and pasta aside from their famous coffee. :)

Here are some photos for you. I did my best to do justice to them, and hope that they make your mouths water. No, I'm not being mean. Well, not really.

We were able to have a bite of each one. They were all good, but I'd have to say my top 2 favorites are the sandwiches in the last two photos: Beef Pastrami with Gherkins on Flat Bread (P170) and Grilled Chicken & Prosciutto Ham on Flat Bread (P180).

I haven't had a chance to sample their coffee yet. I always happen to visit Costa Coffee around late afternoon to really late in the evening, and I don't drink caffeinated coffee around that time anymore lest I'd be wide awake until sunrise the next day. Haha!

I have, however, tried their White Chocolate drink (both hot and iced) and it has instantly become a favorite. Imagine clasping a nice warm cup while sitting on a soft and cozy couch just waiting for the bed to call out for the night. That was my scenario last night when I had a cup to go, and I enjoyed every bit of it while I watched the stars quietly twinkle against the evening sky. (Poetic much? Haha!)

If you're the type that requires a good jolt of caffeine every morning, you might want to try their fabulous flat white. Yes, the beautiful handcrafted coffee that requires skill and talent to make. It has 3 shots of espresso, so you'll surely be awake. Ms Corinne specifically mentioned not to try it late in the afternoon or in the evening unless you're not planning on sleeping. Haha!

If you happen to be in Robinsons Antipolo, do drop by Costa Coffee and try out their food and coffee. (By the way, I also grabbed a quick bite of their Beef Pastrami last night. I was craving for it real bad. Haha!)

Costa Coffee is located at the ground floor al fresco dining area of Robinsons Antipolo. You can't miss it.

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