Rizal Roadtrip: Off the Beaten Path

Wednesday, August 31, 2016
One random day earlier this year, The Memet and I decided to go on a spontaneous road trip around Rizal. When we say road trip, it usually involves part of the Sierra Madre. And that was where we went.

But because we've already driven through there several times, we decided to try a different path. 

We took a left somewhere that was headed into the mountains and headed for Infanta, Quezon. With only GPS to guide us, we found ourselves driving through winding roads high up in the mountains with rain and fog to keep us company.

Around lunch time, we found an unexpected eatery on the side of the road: Jariel's Peak. It looked like it was famous among bikers, so we stopped and decided to peruse their menu.

We wanted to try something new, but the Rabbit-silog just sounded wrong. Poor bunny rabbit! So we tried the Tupa-silog instead. We were in unfamiliar territory (and we didn't know where the bathroom stops were, if there were any), so we just bought one to share. You know, to be on the safe side. Hehe!

The Tupa-silog looked more like adobo to me. Plus the rice was plain, instead of sinangag (fried). I mean, "silog" stands for sinangag and itlog (egg), right?

The egg didn't cook all the way through even though it was on a hot plate, because even though there were no electric fans or an a/c around, we were freezing. Not sure if the temperature's like that all year round (highly unlikely), but it sure was cold up there in early February.

I'd say overall, the meal was okay at best. Probably a bit expensive for what we got, but then there wasn't really a lot of choice around the area.

After our quick meal, we drove on only to find out that the road to Infanta, Quezon stopped abruptly at a broken bridge. We drove back and asked around and found out that the bridge collapsed during one of the last few typhoons in 2015. The only other way we could get to Infanta was through Famy, and that was a long drive we just didn't have time for anymore.

So we came back the way we came. Well, not really. Because on a heartbeat, we decided to go down another rough road and check out where it would lead us - yes, we're adventurous like that. Haha!

The side road we took was only partially done, so we spent a good 10-15 minutes crawling through extremely rough road. Haha! Oh, but the view! There was a clearing that gave us a beautiful view of the windmills down in Pililla!

We've never seen the Pililla windmills before, so it was quite a pleasant surprise.

We decided to drive towards the windmills, and it was such a fun drive. We had to go through some rice fields and more unpaved roads.

Before long, we were back in civilization and the windmills were fast approaching.

When we finally got to the wind farm, we realized one thing: the windmills looked more majestic from afar.

They were unlike the windmills in Ilocos. Those were neatly lined up on the beach, so they made quite an impact even up close, plus of course, the ocean just paints a beautiful backdrop.

But the Pililla windmills were seemingly randomly scattered on the mountains and it was hard to see all of them up close.

So yes, they looked more beautiful when admired from afar.

No harm done anyway, because we didn't have to pay an entrance fee. We just gave a couple twenties for donation.

After that, we decided to drive back home. We didn't get off our car at the wind farm, but all in all, our spontaneous road trip was a whole lot of fun. No itinerary, no timeline, no plans whatsoever... It was just the two of us on a pleasant day, enjoying a good road trip. ♥

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