The Perks & Pitfalls of Being a WAHM

Tuesday, October 18, 2016
I've been working from home for almost two years now, but the WAHM (work at home mom) part, I've only been doing that for 4 months tomorrow - oh my God, she's turning 4 months tomorrow!

So my laptop crashed a while back and I haven't been able to blog since. I got the hard drive replaced, and thank goodness some of my files were backed up. I wanted to blog about Caramoan this week, but I don't know if I have the energy to hunt up my external hard drive and try to find my Caramoan pictures. Haha!

So for now, I'm going to settle with using some good old stock photo from Pixabay. (If you want free, high quality images, Pixabay's a good site.)

work from home

The Perks & Pitfalls of Being a WAHM

The work at home life isn't something I've been doing for very long yet (well, okay, for some people, "almost 2 years" is quite a while already). It has its advantages and disadvantages, but it's not something I'm willing to give up any time soon.

So what are the yays and nays of working from home?


1. No traffic. Yes! And with the traffic situation out there these days? How can anyone not love working from home? When I didn't have Sofi yet, getting from bed to work was just a matter of 10 steps - yes, in my PJs. Haha! Now that Sofi is here, the routine isn't all that complicated either.

2. No expenses needed for corporate clothes. Sure, it's nice to dress up every now and then, but I love being able to wear shorts and a t-shirt whenever I feel like it. I can work while barefoot and no one would care. I can wear a tutu and no one would bat an eyelesh. When I'm feeling sick, I can wear my PJs. Oh, the possibilities are endless.

3. I don't have to spend money on gas or fare. I don't think I need to elaborate.

4. I can work from my desk, our living room, in the kitchen, on the dining table, or at my parents' house which is just a few streets away from where I live. I dare not go to Starbucks for work (or any cafe for that matter), because I'm a cheapskate like that.

5. And the best perk of all ever since I became a WAHM? I get to work for a living and closely watch my daughter grow at the same time. I've always wanted to be a hands-on mom, but at the same time, I love being able to contribute to our many expenses at home. Being a WAHM means I get to have both.


1. I have no benefits, no vacation or sick leaves, nothing. So when I'm sick, or Sofi's sick, or The Memet's sick and I have to be at the hospital or the clinic and I can't get work done, I don't get paid. Last month, The Memet was confined at the hospital for roughly 3 days. That would've meant 3 days of no pay, but I brought my laptop and pocket wifi (I have a pocket wifi for backup / emergencies) and was able to work a few hours each day.

2. It's hard. Well, it was probably easier when I wasn't a mom yet. But when Sofi came, there were times when I wanted to quit working. We have a housekeeper who comes in during the day, but we don't have a nanny. I'm sure my life would probably be easier if we had a nanny, but I like being able to maintain our privacy at home - just us and no one else. There are days when Sofi's well-behaved and she'd just nap with no fuss right after feeding. During those days, I cram in all the work I can. But then there are days when I can barely get anything done because she's being fussy. Sometimes, I don't even get to take a bath. Eew, I know.

I only listed 2 pitfalls vs. the 5 perks, but overall, I'd say being a WAHM requires a lot of skill to be able to balance everything. I'm not saying I've got it all figured out. There are days when I feel rather productive while being a great mom. Then there are days when I feel like giving up work. But I'm confident that as time goes by, I'll get a better handle on things. Then maybe I won't feel so haggard all the time. Haha!

Motherhood is a joy and a privilege, and I'm glad I'm able to work and and contribute as well. The Memet is a good provider, but having my own income allows me to buy the things I want for myself and for Sofi, and it lets me buy The Memet gifts every now and then - aside from allowing me to pay part of our monthly bills. :)


  1. Grabe sis. Saludo ako sa mga WAHM. As in. Ang hirap maging SAHM at ang hirap maging working mum, pero yung WAHM? Double the hirap. As a working mum, honestly yung time ko sa office ang "rest" ko. Kasi atleast dun pwede ako huminto, magkape and then bumalik sa work. Sa pagiging Nanay walang break. So imagine yung sabay mong gagawin diba? I tried working at home from time to time and sobrang hirap. Hindi makawork dahil may makulit na bagets so ang ending ko, Nanay sa umaga at work sa gabi. Zombie lang! :)

    1. May mga alam pa ako sis na WAHM na nga, wala pang helper or nanny sa bahay. As in sila lang lahat - and they even find time to home school! Grabe, di ko kakayanin yung ganun. Pang superwoman lang yun. Haha! May helper na nga kami for the house chores eh, pero lagi parin akong haggard. Haha!


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