Caramoan | Getting to Tugawe Cove Resort

Friday, January 20, 2017

Before Sofi came into our lives, the Memet and I went on a road trip to Caramoan. Flying to Naga would've been the easier (and faster) option. But why go on a cramped plane ride when you can stretch out in a car and enjoy the long and winding road?

Well, I stretched out and dozed while the Memet drove, but he likes driving, so we both had fun. Haha!

The drive to Camarines Sur was roughly around 10 hours. It was fun, but the real adventure began when we arrived at Sabang Port.

We found a nice and secure parking spot, freshened up a little, used the bathroom, and then the guy who was helping us out with our luggage said that the boat that was going to Guijalo Port was leaving. LOL!

We hightailed it to the beach with 2 guys carrying our bags for us. The boat was in the water and I couldn't find an actual port anywhere. I got the shock of my life when the 2 guys put us on each of their shoulders and carried us to the boat - yes, they carried us as they waded in waist-deep water. It was at that moment that I wished I was a big time blogger so I'd have a team of photographers and videographers to document the moment for me so I can show you guys what happened. LOL!

Tip # 1: Wear flip flops and secure your things. You don't want anything valuable taking an unexpected dip in the ocean.

Here's a look at the boat. It's pretty big in person.

The boat ride to Guijalo Port took around 2 hours. You can take a nap, but the view's also amazing. If you're lucky, you'll see Mayon Volcano too!

After we arrived at Guijalo Port, we called Tugawe Cove Resort to let us know that we were there. Then around 20-30 minutes later, a speed boat arrived. Yes, a speed boat. Haha! We noticed 2 other folks who seemed to be heading to Tugawe and were unsure how to get there (I overheard their conversation), so the Memet and I approached them to let them know that a Tugawe Cove speed boat had arrived.

The ride to Tugawe Cove was fast. Duh, speed boat. Travel time was around 30 minutes. Yes, the resort was a bit far.

Tip # 2: If you're preggo, you might want to mention that to the resort so they can send you a regular boat. It'll take longer, but it'll be safer for you. The speed boat's really cool, but the ride can be quite bumpy.

The ride from Tugawe Cove Resort going back to Sabang Port was pretty much the same. Except when we got to Guijalo Port, it was low tide so the big boat couldn't go inside the actual port area. It could only go as far as the entrance, so that's where the speed boat dropped us off.

We got on the big boat pirate style. Haha! The speed boat got as close as it could and then we were boosted on to the side of the big boat.

Getting to and from Tugawe Cove Resort was quite an adventure, which is why I decided to make a post solely about it.

Coming up next, a blog post about the resort itself. :)

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