Staycation: The Peninsula Manila

Thursday, January 05, 2017
Manila Peninsula

Okay. First things first. Why is it called The Peninsula Manila when it's located in Makati? Haha!

Hello, hello! It's been a little over 2 months since my last blog post. Life, as usual, got in the way. Things are so much more hectic since I became a work at home mom. And then I got to experience my first staycation as a mom - with a 6 month old baby. Wow. Haha!

So. The Peninsula Manila. Love, love, love the place but our stay came with a few kinks. Will tell you about it in a few.

The Memet and I normally go on our December staycations on the 24th and 25th. But since that was the entire weekend last year, we decided to schedule our overnight stay on the 23rd.

There were a lot of guests in the hotel already, but The Peninsula Manila is a pretty big hotel and there was plenty of room for everyone to move around without the place feeling crowded.

Loved the valet folks, btw. If you're a guest staying at the hotel, valet services are completely free. You just gotta get your ticket validated at the front desk.

Check-in was quick. Was a bit surprised at the deposit though. Usually, hotels ask for a deposit anywhere from P1,000 to P3,000. The Peninsula Manila's deposit is equivalent to one overnight stay. I was just glad that my credit card wasn't anywhere near being maxed out when we checked in. That would've been embarrassing.

We got the cheapest room, by the way. I mean, duh. Haha!

Here are some mandatory photos of the room. With The Memet and Sofi.

Manila Peninsula

A few pieces of fruits were waiting for us in the room. Would've been cool if there were chocolates too. Haha!

Manila Peninsula

Manila Peninsula

The room that we got had 1 king size bed - enough space for the 3 of us. The lady at the front desk asked us if we needed a cot and I said "yes, please". But for some reason, they didn't give us one. I didn't mind.

Sadly though, the bed was pretty old. The mattress sagged in the middle and it creaked whenever we moved. Our bed at home felt even more comfortable than the one in the hotel.

Manila Peninsula

Manila Peninsula

Manila Peninsula

The bathroom was pretty lush. It had a separate shower and bathtub and an enclosed area for the toilet. We didn't get to enjoy the tub though, because the room was freezing. It was cold even when we turned up the heat. As in brrrrr.

One thing that was missing in the bathroom was a bidet. I wish all hotels here had bidets. Life would be so much easier.

Manila Peninsula

Manila Peninsula

The toiletries had the expected packaging, but man, they were by Oscar de la Renta. Wow. The scents were pretty too.

We had dinner at John and Yoko in Greenbelt that night. It wasn't easy. Sofi's used to sleeping early - like around 5pm early, so she was pretty fussy. We took turns eating. (So that's what it's like for parents. Haha!)

She slept during the short car ride back to the hotel and was still sleeping as we walked through the busy lobby and up the elevator. It was pretty weird because as soon as we entered the room, her eyes popped open and then she started crying. The crying's pretty normal when her sleep gets interrupted or when she's really sleepy and it's past her bed time. But wow, her crying lasted quite a while even when we turned down the lights.

After we turned down the lights, the hair on the back of my head stood on end for some reason. I'm not afraid of the dark. In fact, I can't sleep with the lights on. But after the chill I felt, I couldn't help it. I turned on all the lights again.

After nearly an hour of trying to put Sofi back to sleep, she finally did. And The Memet was right on her heels.

Once they were both asleep, I turned on my laptop and put in about an hour of work. The internet speed was pretty fast - for PH standards. LOL. I was able to get 8mbps. Nice.

What wasn't nice though was how the chills just wouldn't leave me. There was a mirror on the desk in the room and my eyes kept darting towards it expecting to see something otherworldly. Thank God I don't have a third eye. My mom seems to have one though. Thing is, I can't see, but I can usually feel when something's off. And there was definitely something off in our bedroom. And I kept getting a whiff of a perfume that was neither mine or The Memet's and it made me keep looking over my shoulder.

As soon as I finished working, Sofi - who was sleeping soundly with her butt sticking up in the air - suddenly cried like there was no tomorrow. Even when I picked her up to console her, she continued crying and that was when I felt truly scared. When she finally stopped crying and went back to sleep, I woke The Memet up and asked him to pray with me. He didn't seem bothered by anything and that was fine. At least it was just me who was being weirded out by the feels I was getting from the room. Hahaha!

I didn't sleep very well that night. I kept waking up every now and then because of the lights - I hope that was the only reason. And when I finally woke up to see the sun shining, I felt more at ease.

I was finally able to enter the bathroom that morning. Yeah... I didn't get to wash my face and brush my teeth the night before because I was so scared. LOL! I was able to take a bath even though my hands and feet were still as cold as ice. The water felt cold even at its hottest setting. But The Memet said he didn't feel cold while he was taking a bath. Weird.

Manila Peninsula

Anyway, overall, The Peninsula Manila was great. Customer service was top notch. And check-out was a breeze even when there was a line. Would I go back? Probably not. It's not a place we can afford to regularly check-in at, plus I want to be able to sleep well. Hahaha!

That was quite an experience for Sofi's first staycation. We'll be going to the beach in a few weeks and I can't wait to blog about it!

Who among you, dear readers, have stayed at The Peninsula? Do you have stories to share? Hehehe!


  1. I'm a fan of The Peninsula. Stayed there a couple of times but I never had a "ghost scare". Grabe natakot ako ng slight dun ah! :)

    1. Top notch ang customer service nila. As in hands down. But the room... LOL! Or maybe it was just room 413. Haha!

  2. That looks an awesome place. I'm pretty sure me and my family are going to love it. Try visiting Hotels in Lapu Lapu Cebu, you'll love it too. Anyway, Thanks for sharing!


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